Winkeltje The Little Shop v3716 (upd.12.06.2019)

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Winkeltje The Little Shop is an exciting shop simulator in a medieval setting. Here you can become the owner of your own shop and turn it into a luxurious trading hall, which practically did not exist in those days. But you have to start from the bottom. First, at your disposal you will get only a small room with dusty cabinets and bedside tables. From this moment your adventures begin — you will trade, search for goods to order, sell rare items, develop your shop and do everything possible so that everyone around will be happy with your service.

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Night Lights v1.0.0

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Night Lights — a game in the genre of platformer, where you need to use your logical skills. The thing is that throughout the passage you will be faced with all sorts of puzzles. Solving these tasks will not be so easy, you need to try and uncover a lot of secrets. Also in the game there is an unusual mechanics of action, which makes it unique. You will assume the role of the protagonist, who is under the full influence of the light side and the shadow of the world around him.
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Ultimate Fishing Simulator Greenland DLC v1.7.2.413 - CODEX

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Ultimate Fishing Simulator Greenland DLC interesting fishing simulator, gets out in the newest degree. Sit down in your own boat, which is swinging according to the shafts, move on a trip according to the waters of Greenland, what would meet with the most previous and most unsafe shark. In this supplement there is the newest role of trolling, which will give you the opportunity to feel like a true sailor. In addition, you will have the chance to go into the ocean, and the search for sharks and halibuts, and thus after all the different seafaring creatures. Catching a shark, this is a difficult and serious process, therefore the creators equipped the holders with additional holders for the purpose of fishing rods. This upgrade writes to fun the newest map of Greenlandia, the auxiliary type of boats — Cutters, and the newest type of fishing — Trolling.

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Rescue HQ The Tycoon v1.02 (upd.10.06.2019)

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Feel that you have a variety of management skills and can easily manage any process. Then you should not lose time and go ahead to play Rescue HQ The Tokoon is an exciting strategy game with elements of a simulator. In a completely new adventure, you will need to lead a specialized organization that is responsible for the security of the city and the population. You will plan, make decisions and make plans at once for several directions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, ambulance and even local guard of protection.

This game has been updated 10-06-2019, 04:04 to the latest version v1.02 (upd.10.06.2019).

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Metro Sim Hustle v0.9.4

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Metro Sim Hustle — being an ordinary hard worker, no one forbids you to use the various temptations of life. You can go to the club and enjoy a pleasant holiday with a drink. What about the usual walk and dating with a pretty girl? Or maybe you want a big salary? Then you can think about how to do far from such legitimate affairs. By the way, the purchase of an apartment and its situation will also fall on your shoulders, as well as acquaintances with further relations.
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Wildlife Park 3 Asia - HOODLUM

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In an economic simulator with elements of a strategy called Wildlife Park 3 Asia, you have to take control of a real zoo. This interesting and vivid project, developed by B-Alive, allows you to fully plunge into the hard life of the zoo director and get into it literally at every moment associated with such a difficult and hard work.
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Blame Him v1.04 - CODEX

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Blame Him is a logical, adventure and horror game developed by Chillas Art for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of modernity, and you can highlight the following features of strategy, action, adventure game, indie, casual game, simulator, adventure, horror, atmosphere, research and others. You will have access to such game modes as for one player. The true horror of first-person survival is to blame.

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Go All Out v1.01.01

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Blue Sunset Games reports that the platform-fighting game Go All Out, which is currently available on personal computers, has received a new addition. The developers do not hide the fact that they were strongly inspired by the Super Smash Bros series of fighting games, but at the same time they plan to bring a lot of new things into the genre, offering a new look at its well-established features and rules.
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Plague Inc Evolved v1.16.7 - SKIDROW

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Plague Inc Evolved is a project that has made its way from mobile platforms to personal computers, which is developed in the strategy genre, whose actions take place in real time. Here you have to take on a completely unusual task, where you will do everything possible to destroy all of humanity from the face of the earth. Yes, yes, this time you need to destroy, and not save all life on earth. Your task will be to create a striking virus, with which you will later infect the first victim. Then, you need to watch the development of your creation and how it will spread throughout the planet, hitting everyone. Try to constantly create new and new types of virus, making them completely invulnerable. In this way, you can easily achieve your goal. Also, you need to carefully plan a lesion, and then deal with the spread of the disease. But be careful, because humanity has tremendous opportunities and abilities to come up with an antiviral drug that can easily crush all your insidious plans.

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Technosphere Reload v1.0.4 - PLAZA

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Technosphere Reload embark on a dangerous journey into the heart of the asteroid to save humanity from disaster. Manage TECHNOSPHERE, roll, jump, balance, solve puzzles and go through mazes. Atlas Corporation digs up crystals in the core of an asteroid orbiting the Earth. Due to a failure in asteroid systems, orbit correction was disabled. Only TECHNOSPHERE is able to reload the asteroid system and restore the orbit. You have 10 hours to save the Earth from disaster. Large spaces with volumetric illumination, science fiction, various mechanics, labyrinths, traps, lasers, turrets, bombs and much more. Doomsday Timer. You may not have time to save the earth. Technosphere improvements, achievements, full controller support.

This game has been updated 6-06-2019, 15:41 to the latest version v1.0.4.

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