Game Soup v26.02.2019

Game Soup torrent download
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Game Soup — unreal cool game that contains a few dozen iconic casual games that you know and remember from your childhood. Master the collection of 46 challenging mini-games, including parodies of famous games. Each game lasts only a few seconds, so act quickly. Conquer a unique set of randomly selected mini-games in each race. The farther you run, the faster the gameplay up to ridiculously fast. Unlock faster, more complex game modes, including endless mode. Run right at supersonic speeds. Enter the stranger’s house and destroy its priceless ceramics, defend yourself from the waves of zombies invading your garden. Achieve success in the world’s shortest visual novel for dating, use the ball to catch a wild monster buddy that fits in your pocket, reload the gun until the demon has called your DOOM. Put on your best plumbing clothes and jump, dude.
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Series Makers v26.02.2019

Series Makers torrent download
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Series Makers — in this game you live your own directorial dream. You start in the 80s at Netklix University, developing your first own series. Soon you will achieve great success and earn a lot of money. Get ready to build your own series and streaming empire in the world of series creators. You start off as a little student who wants his dreams to come true. You will develop the series as you like, experiment with new ideas, discover new combinations of settings and themes, and explore the first game mechanics. With the help of your university you get the opportunity to broadcast your series on a real television channel. The audience recognizes that the future belongs to you. But there is still a way. You move to your first office of your own, hire new employees, explore new opportunities, and your studio and your skills continue to grow. Thanks to your success, new opportunities are now open to you. Now you can hire even more employees, create your own streaming platform and even create objects that give you bonuses or open up all the game mechanics.
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Equilinox v1.4.0 - 3DM

Equilinox torrent download
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Equilinox is a sandbox game where you will be able to independently develop your ecosystem from beginning to end. Ecosystems will be mass, and each can be unique in its performance, inhabiting different types of animals and plants. To make the land more fertile, you need to plant as many plants as possible on them. The more animals live in your system, the more extra points you will have. For these points you will be able to transform various useful items that will help you cope with the task easier. Each representative of flora and fauna has its own development cycle, which you need to follow as closely as possible.

This game has been updated 25-02-2019, 10:31 to the latest version v1.4.0.

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Pacify upd.25.02.2019 (Update 1) - PLAZA

Pacify torrent download
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Pacify — you have just subscribed with PAH Inc. Paranormal Activity Helpers Incorporated, yes, it sounds trite, but the board is excellent. They said that you will never be in real danger, and they have a lot of work right now. Your first job in an old haunted house. There is a broker who wants to put the house up for sale, but since everyone in the city spreads rumors of evil living inside the house, he needs some evidence that it is safe. In fact, he seems to have crawled out himself. Anyway, he hired PAH Inc. to check out the place. You can check it alone if you want, but I would take at least 3 more friends with me. Check the place, and if something supernatural happens, try to return the evidence to PAH Inc.

This game has been updated 25-02-2019, 08:20 to the latest version upd.25.02.2019 (Update 1).

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City Game Studio v0.13.0

City Game Studio torrent download
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City Game Studio is an interesting and exciting virtual adventure that will allow you to take on the role of head of game developers. This time you have to solve a lot of problems and try to achieve a favorable result in this difficult task. Only at first glance it may seem that developing games is simple and easy, but you should understand that talented work hides the solution of many problems, financial reports and the adoption of complex decisions. Game development is a complex, multi-step process that allows you to experience the complexity and unpredictability of the work of a developer’s studio. First you have to find a place to start a company, then solve the problem with the purchase of equipment and start hiring developers. Initially there will not be many opportunities, so you have to enlist the support of publishers and players.

This game has been updated 3-03-2019, 14:16 to the latest version v0.13.0.

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Winkeltje The Little Shop v2730 (upd.24.02.2019)

Winkeltje The Little Shop torrent download
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Winkeltje The Little Shop is an exciting shop simulator in a medieval setting. Here you can become the owner of your own shop and turn it into a luxurious trading hall, which practically did not exist in those days. But you have to start from the bottom. First, at your disposal you will get only a small room with dusty cabinets and bedside tables. From this moment your adventures begin — you will trade, search for goods to order, sell rare items, develop your shop and do everything possible so that everyone around will be happy with your service.
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The Bricksperience v2.2.5

The Bricksperience torrent download
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The Bricksperience is a fascinating project, which is something of a kind of Lego build simulator. Here you have to play the role of such a little man who needs to assemble this or that construction from a huge amount of details. The whole essence of the gameplay is the assembly of various, sometimes fancy and very complex structures. Somewhere you will need to assemble a robot or a dinosaur, and somewhere you will have to work on assembling a huge motorcycle shop, for example, a skyscraper or something similar. Moreover, the assembly will take place on a huge platform and with a first-person view. That is, you will appear on the site surrounded by a huge number of Lego parts, and build.
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Hell Warders v1.0 - PLAZA

Hell Warders torrent download
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If you have been looking for an adventure in which you can spend time with friends, then boldly take the game Hell Warders and go to war with the demons who decided to conquer your native lands and destroy everyone. The game offers a cooperative passage for 4 players and the key to victory is the ability to combine skills, interact and strive for victory with their comrades. The forces of darkness come, it’s time to repulse them. But we suggest that you first collect your thoughts and draw up an action plan, since it will not be possible to simply defeat the demons, it is better to use special magic towers that will cover your rear.
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TSIOQUE v1.1.5 (Build 20190221) - PLAZA

TSIOQUE torrent download
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TSIOQUE is a very colorful and fascinating, and at some points even a rather frightening quest where you have to go to a dark world and cope with numerous trials that he prepared for you. In the course of the action you will be accompanied everywhere by a share of sarcasm, which greatly diversifies the gameplay. The graphics in its performance is quite simple, having a cartoon style and nice animation. Management is simple in its presentation, so you will not have to study for a long time There is a fascinating plot line associated with the theft of a beautiful princess, who was sharpened in a dark castle under the brutal and vigilant guard.

This game has been updated 21-02-2019, 09:32 to the latest version v1.1.5 (Build 20190221).

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Ages of Mages The last keeper v1.0 (upd.21.02.2019) - PLAZA

Ages of Mages The last keeper torrent download
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0 (upd.21.02.2019) TORRENT PLAZA
Ages of Mages The last keeper is a cool arcade game, a dynamic shooter and a bagel in one person, where all actions will take place from the top. Here you have to take control and control of four powerful magicians at once, who are on the path of revenge. The main task of our heroes is to exterminate the forces of evil that have penetrated your territory and intend to destroy the whole kingdom. The game includes a fascinating plot line, which will be revealed from different sides as it passes. The story tells you not only about the threat of destruction, but also about the abduction of the princess.
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