Farm Together v06.06.2019 (Update 43) - PLAZA

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​Farm Together is a beautiful third-person farm simulator with sandbox elements. Start by caring for a small area and try to create your own farm. Plant, take care and harvest, breed animals, strive to constantly expand the areas of their possessions and then you will be able to create a thriving farm. Are you tired of vegetables, want to do something else? No problem — you can do the decor of the farm or just pick up new clothes for your character. Also worth noting is that when you exit the game, the time does not stop, so that when you start again, new things will be waiting for you.​

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Layers of Fear 2 v1.2 - CODEX

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Layers of Fear 2 sequel to the famous psychedelic horror Layers of Fear, the events of which are in no way connected with the original game. The second part is about a Hollywood actor who agreed to play a role in a mysterious film director, filmed on the ship. However, everything turns out to be far from what was expected. Given the success of the debut part, the authors simply had to release a sequel. The game is rather a spiritual continuation of the saga of psychological horror from the first person, associated with the prequel stylistic presentation, but not the plot. If earlier it was about the picture, then this time the topic of silent cinema is touched upon, at the start of the 20th century.

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The Savior's Gang v1.04 - PLAZA

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In the The Savior’s Gang game, the player controls the Savior, a powerful creature crucified and trapped between the mortal world and the heavens. This unjust death causes the wrath of his father, an omnipotent suit who unleashes a series of traps, disasters and dangers throughout the world. The Savior must negotiate with his Father to stop these catastrophes and save only his worshipers from all this evil, and try to break the limbo and regain their strength. To achieve his goals, he will have a good friend Stan, he hates being called Satan and the mediation of his mother and stepfather.

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Book of Demons v1.02 - PLAZA

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Book of Demons is an adventure role-playing game with an interesting process and an open world. Here you will play the role of the main character, whose actions will depend on the value of the drawn card. Cards will be your main weapon throughout the gameplay. With their help, you will be able to have the ability to impose on the enemy a variety of spells that can in two accounts kill him. In addition, you can fight face to face with a rival, using various methods and tricks against him, turn on your wits. Create various potions that will somehow influence the main character, whose role you will play. You will be able to create a potion to restore strength or health, as well as gain power. The visual component of this project seems to be cut out of paper, which is quite pleasant to watch while undergoing this or that test. On the way you will meet the most different types of monsters, fighting with which you will gain experience points and skills.

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Brief Battles v1.02.2 (upd.05.06.2019) - CODEX

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Brief Battles is a fun multi-player game that is difficult to attribute to any genre of computer games, and it was developed by Juicy Cupcake. The company was founded in 2012 and many times held numerous competitions. One of them was a demo called Melon Quest, which turned into a game here. In Brief Battles, players play the role of funny characters fighting each other in their underwear. At the beginning of the game, players must change their appearance. Panties can be purchased during the game. Armed with the chosen enemy, they traditionally try to jump on the head. The gameplay is purely arcade.

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Gang Beasts v03.06.2019

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Gang Beasts is a great fun and very positive fighting game in which you will have to control puppet men living in the meat city. It would seem that some kind of nonsense, but in fact it is fun, and the idea inherent in this game is quite interesting, and at the same time unique. The essence of the game is as follows — you take control of the puppet man and go to the arena of battles. Arena here can be considered every single location. Fights will take place everywhere: on the roofs of skyscrapers, on the football field, on real boxing rings and not only. Moreover, they will have to fight one-on-one, and against the crowds of the same puppet men. The main feature of Gang Beasts is not in realistic physics and unusual animation.

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Pirate Survival Fantasy Shooter - PLAZA

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Pirate Survival Fantasy Shooter this is a VR survival adventure that will lead you to a magical kingdom full of incredible bloodthirsty creatures. The whole team has been killed by damned creatures living on these crazy islands and your ship is sinking. Many pirates died in these waters. As the only remaining pistol on the ship, you must shoot out of trouble and survive as long as possible. This VR-shooter completely immerses players in the Caribbean fantasy pirate world of fairy tales and legends. Beautiful levels with different monsters and tasks.
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Iron Heart upd.04.06.2019 - PLAZA

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Iron Heart impossible sheer, insignificant fun, in which place the masses of invaders and your opponents, arise directly from the bowels of the territory to take about their own supervision of society. The situation is governed by the steampunk of the Victorian period, which adds to the fun special charm and interest. Go on a trip according to the cold mines and fight in a forgotten underground town.
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Generals and Rulers v1.0

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Generals and Rulers is a strategy game developed by Hamsters Gaming for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of history, and you can highlight the following features strategy, indie, history, medieval, turn-based, war, tactics, turn-based strategy, turn-based tactics, military actions and others. You will have access to such game modes for both multi-player and massive multiplayer.
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Equilinox v1.7.0b - 3DM

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Equilinox is a sandbox game where you will be able to independently develop your ecosystem from beginning to end. Ecosystems will be mass, and each can be unique in its performance, inhabiting different types of animals and plants. To make the land more fertile, you need to plant as many plants as possible on them. The more animals live in your system, the more extra points you will have. For these points you will be able to transform various useful items that will help you cope with the task easier. Each representative of flora and fauna has its own development cycle, which you need to follow as closely as possible.

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