Beat Hazard 2 torrent download
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Beat Hazard 2 — a game in the style of a powerful arcade shooter where you go to conquer large-scale outer space. You have to take control of a jet plane, on which you will go to meet incredible adventures. Try to pass all the tests with dignity, to ensure a bright future for yourself. Opponents will be strong enough, so special attention should be paid to the development of their skills and abilities. Fundamental to the entire gameplay is the musical accompaniment, where,
Action Casual Indie | 20-12-2018, 06:23 | 69 | 114 MB
Iris Fall torrent download
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The story of the game Iris Fall revolves around the girl Iris, who wakes up and follows the black cat, which leads her to an abandoned theater, where the reality changes depending on the light and shadows. After some time, the heroine begins to realize that all this environment is somehow connected with her. But how? This is what we have to solve. Nothing like? The game partially captures the atmosphere of Alice: Madness Returns from the McGee franchise of the same name.
Adventure Casual Indie | 19-12-2018, 11:11 | 365 | 1.02 GB

This game has been updated 19-12-2018, 11:11 to the latest version v1.0.00024.

Forgotton Anne torrent download
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Forgotton Anne is a fantastic game with an extraordinary open world where secrets and unsolved mysteries await you, as well as missions with obstacles on your way. The game has a fairly good graphic component, as well as musical accompaniment — all this will allow you to delve deeper into the essence of what is happening. Each character you meet along the way, unique in performance, has distinctive external data and characteristics. The gameplay is based on the platformer
Action Adventure Casual Indie | 18-12-2018, 09:10 | 190 | 4.02 GB
Bladed Fury torrent download
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Bladed Fury is an action-platformer game project where you stand in the way of resistance and try to destroy as many enemies as possible. The game will send you to the territory of ancient China, confronting you with its mythology. The story tells about the existence of the officer who killed the prince, and the eldest princess sent under arrest. The officer thought out his cunning plan so that the younger princess was to blame for everything, which the king chose to expel
Action Adventure Casual Indie RPG | 18-12-2018, 08:01 | 394 | 1.5 GB
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 torrent download
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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is one of the countless gaming adaptations of one very fascinating universe that has been around for about 30 years in a row. This world is many-sided, in it different creatures get along. Some are at odds with each other, others, on the contrary, enter into friendly alliances. And you have to become part of an amazing universe, striking the imagination with its scale.
Action Adventure Casual Massively Multiplayer | 18-12-2018, 07:32 | 303 | 15.5 GB
The Hardest Dungeon torrent download
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The Hardest Dungeon is a bagel role-playing game with elements of survival and strategy. You have to take over the control and management of a detachment of brave warriors, who are sent to study the dark and full of dangers locations underground kingdom. The main goal of your team is to find a certain deck of cards, which is considered to be the first in the world and is called «Tarot». This deck has special data, as it was created by powerful ancestors. Each of the cards
Action Adventure Casual Indie RPG Simulation Strategy | 17-12-2018, 09:51 | 118 | 172 MB
Incubo torrent download
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Incubo is a platformer style game with elements of the horror genre. Here you will encounter adventures and go to a dark world. The story tells you about the existence of a little boy who is faced with adverse life circumstances. The fact is that his own father treats him very badly and constantly scolds even for any trifle. The reproaches lie in the problem that he is not «she.» You make a decision to immediately go to the study and finally find out who this «she» is.
Adventure Casual Indie | 17-12-2018, 09:44 | 80 | 417 MB
Godly Corp torrent download
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Godly Corp is a game project, which is a simulator genre whose actions are completely based on physical laws. Here you find yourself in the original world, where you will undergo varying degrees of difficulty and also develop your logical thinking skills. Here you will take on the role of an intern who studies in a powerful intergalactic corporation. In the course of your actions, you will be given various tasks that you will have to perform unmistakably. Everything would
Action Casual Indie Simulation | 16-12-2018, 15:37 | 114 | 296 MB
FortressCraft Evolved Adventures Pack torrent download
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FortressCraft Evolved Adventures Pack — a creative three-dimensional sandbox, originally appeared on the Xbox 360 console, but after some time transferred to a PC platform. A variant of this computer game turned out to be more successful than its console relative. Developers have added more tools with which players can now create truly unique and large-scale universes. This voxel sandbox does not have a full plot, but there is some kind of prehistory in it. According to the
Adventure Casual Indie RPG Simulation Strategy | 16-12-2018, 08:00 | 107 | 4.06 GB
Overcooked 2 torrent download
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In Overcooked 2 you again have to save the world, satisfying the hunger of dangerous monsters. This time, you need to satisfy the hunger of the Walking Bread. Prepare different dishes skillfully and quickly switching between chefs. Your brain will boil, training your multitasking. Travel the world and cook in a variety of cuisines a variety of dishes. Is a social arcade game based on the well-coordinated work of the players. Each of the users will become a top-class chef and
Action Casual Indie | 14-12-2018, 10:39 | 186 | 3.03 GB
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