City Game Studio v0.13.0

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City Game Studio is an interesting and exciting virtual adventure that will allow you to take on the role of head of game developers. This time you have to solve a lot of problems and try to achieve a favorable result in this difficult task. Only at first glance it may seem that developing games is simple and easy, but you should understand that talented work hides the solution of many problems, financial reports and the adoption of complex decisions. Game development is a complex, multi-step process that allows you to experience the complexity and unpredictability of the work of a developer’s studio. First you have to find a place to start a company, then solve the problem with the purchase of equipment and start hiring developers. Initially there will not be many opportunities, so you have to enlist the support of publishers and players.

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Depraved v0.17 - SKIDROW

Depraved torrent download
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​Sheriffs, cowboys, bandits — all this in the entourage of the Wild West awaits you in a new town-planning simulator. Can you establish a prosperous city from one vehicle with resources? The game has a fairly complex production chain. To build a building, it is not enough just to cut down a tree, you still need to process it. And the process of baking bread is even more laborious and consists of several production chains. The Wild West has always been insane, only strength and strict rules will allow you to save your settlement. In addition to bloodthirsty bandits, you will also be threatened by wild animals.​

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Galaxy Squad v0.63d - SKIDROW

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Galaxy Squad is a tactical strategy game where all battles will relate to a step-by-step style. Here you have to take control of a small detachment of prisoners. The story will send you to a fictional world, where inmates fled from custody to a federal prison and are now forced to hide in various places in order not to go back to jail. A distinctive feature of the gameplay is that the galaxy to which you are to go, has the ability to be generated in a completely random way, which will make your pastime not only more exciting. You will go on a dangerous journey, where you will constantly face a huge number of enemies.

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Winkeltje The Little Shop v2730 (upd.24.02.2019)

Winkeltje The Little Shop torrent download
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Winkeltje The Little Shop is an exciting shop simulator in a medieval setting. Here you can become the owner of your own shop and turn it into a luxurious trading hall, which practically did not exist in those days. But you have to start from the bottom. First, at your disposal you will get only a small room with dusty cabinets and bedside tables. From this moment your adventures begin — you will trade, search for goods to order, sell rare items, develop your shop and do everything possible so that everyone around will be happy with your service.
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Software Inc Alpha 10.10.10 - SKIDROW

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Software Inc — this is a promising simulator, combining several genres at once. In the game you have to design and build buildings, hire employees, drawing on the data from their resumes, promote your company, creating software and even games. Create your own author, make him the manager of the company, design a convenient office to establish the most effective work of employees. Hire personnel with the best «salary-education» indicators, specify the direction in the development, get promotion of your product and try to achieve the maximum profit, so that from the beginning start-up you can create a well-known brand with a worldwide reputation.

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Mist Survival v0.2.5 - SKIDROW

Mist Survival torrent download
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A terrible virus has turned most people into zombies. The beginning of the game today is no surprise, a huge number of such games. But nevertheless, the subject matter is not casual, developers have the opportunity to create an addictive project in which it is interesting to survive. In Mist Survival, not ordinary zombies will wait for you, real monsters will hunt for you, which surpass you in strength and speed. In addition, the eternal problem with the lack of food and water, as well as other survivors who will not hesitate to kill you to get your things. In this crazy world, you need to live as long as possible, and for this, build a base and find other survivors you can trust.​

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Stranded Deep v0.53.00 - SKIDROW

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Stranded Deep — a game on the theme of survival in an open, ever-changing world. Here you have to go to the island, where you will live your days, every minute for fear of life. The environment is your main enemy. Whether you are hungry, in a state of thirst, wet or stricken — these are all the consequences of a wild nature that is not entirely good-natured towards you. Here you need to create a safe haven, which will stand against various natural disasters. Here there is not only a constant change of weather conditions, but a change of day and night, which also prepared for you a couple of not very pleasant surprises. Physics and graphics here are developed at the highest level, which perfectly complements the cool atmosphere of the game. You must go to explore the world, taking with you a weapon. Do fishing and hunting to get your own food. But do not forget that there are many dangers on the island, including wild animals.

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Poly Universe v0.8.1.7

Poly Universe torrent download
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Poly Universe is an excellent visual strategy game with stylish graphics and a dynamic process, where you have to build a multi-functional city and fight for a place in the sun. An interesting story awaits you, with unexpected turns of events, as well as you will get acquainted with various heroes who need to be relocated to a distant planet, and then help them develop on it in order to improve their future life. The main feature of the world in which you have to get is that each new planet will be quite a bit more than its inhabitants. You will take under your complete control and guidance a group of small colonists who go to a distant planet to begin a new life there.

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7 Days To Die Alpha 17.2 (b27) - SKIDROW

7 Days To Die torrent download
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7 Days To Die is a game that will take you to the near future, where you have to fight for your life. The action takes place in 2034, during this period the earth was seized by a brutal nuclear war, which suffered thousands of casualties. All who survived are forced to turn into zombies after seven days. When all of humanity has already given up, unable to cope with a terrible virus, you appear in the person of the protagonist. Who knows, maybe you are the only survivor who has not yet been visited by a terrible disease. Now you have to do everything possible to protect yourself and the virus and find out what’s what. Your main task is to find opposition to the terrible virus that has enveloped the entire planet. The game was developed in the sandbox with horror elements, so you won’t be bored. Roam on locations in search of items that will help you survive, and also do not forget how to arm yourself, as there will be many enemies on your way. You only have seven days, do not forget from this.

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Planet Nomads v0.9.8.1 - SKIDROW

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Planet Nomads is a sandbox game that is under development and has a car editor available. You will become a real explorer of the planet, which will have a rather impressive size. You have to go to explore every corner of the planet, where you will find various useful items and rebuild various machines that will help you in this difficult matter.

This game has been updated 20-02-2019, 07:01 to the latest version v0.9.8.1.

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