Slendytubbies 3 torrent download
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Slendytubbies 3 — at first glance, a rather funny, cartoon-style game. But the thing is that it hides a terrible genre in itself that horrifies every player, namely horror. You will enter during the creation of Teletubbies. The fact is that in the world for a hundred years there are perfectly some kind of machines that are engaged in the creation of these same creatures. These beautiful heroes exist in a bright and colorful, completely carefree world. They would never
Horror Adventure | 8-01-2019, 07:18 | 91 | 1.78 GB
Beware (Driving Survival) torrent download
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Beware (Driving Survival) — the main feature of this horror with the open world — the player never leaves the car, reports. He travels at night through a gloomy, abandoned, cursed city and its surroundings. Here live dangerous people who rush in pursuit of any stranger to kill him. Escape from them makes fear due to sophisticated artificial intelligence and realistic car physics. The killers know several ways to stop another car and try to use them.
Horror Racing | 7-01-2019, 13:03 | 309 | 1.08 GB
Hello Neighbor torrent download
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Hello Neighbor is a game in the genre of horror, in which your main task is to get into the cellar of your neighbor. So, according to the plot, the main character considered that his neighbor has some kind of secret and he skillfully hides it in his basement. Now your goal is to get into that cellar at any price, if you think it will be very simple, you are deeply mistaken. The game is filled with colorful landscapes and locations, and this fact will necessarily brighten
Adventure Stealth First-person 3D Horror | 30-11-2018, 15:14 | 4 746 | 2.66 GB

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Die Young torrent download
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Play for a girl who, for reasons unknown to her, is on a strange island. Now you need to find a way to get out of this damn place, but the problem is that strange people are hunting you, and they do not really want you, they will kill you with joy! To this, add thirst, predators and other deadly dangers to the island. It will be extremely difficult to survive, but to do this and get out of the island, you first need to understand why you were here.
Survival Horror Adventure Simulator Indie Early-Access | 14-11-2018, 08:05 | 774 | 6.02 GB

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The Conjuring House torrent download
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​The Conjuring House is an adventure horror game that takes place in an abandoned house from the 30s of the 20th century, where dusty windows, shutters and everything covered with cobwebs suggests that no one lives in it. Initially, you take any rustling and howling of the wind for granted, but after really paranormal and unexplainable events start to happen there, then you begin to realize that the events taking place in the house speak of absolute evil that has been there.
Horror Adventure Action Indie | 11-10-2018, 06:40 | 840 | 3.21 GB
State of Decay 2 torrent download
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State of Decay 2 — Continuation of the atmospheric history of survival after the zombie epidemic. The constant search for food, medicine, weapons — this is only part of the disaster. It’s worse than the people themselves, someone is a notorious psycho, and some will shoot you in a dream for your own supplies. It is worthwhile to study those whom you will take to your camp. The paradox is that you can only survive in a team. It is impossible to create a completely impregnable
Action Open world Survival Third-person 3D Horror | 1-07-2018, 05:59 | 7 828 | 15.10 GB

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Remothered Tormented Fathers torrent download
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Remothered Tormented Fathers — the first part of the long-awaited trilogy of games from the 3rd person. Rosemary Reed — bored by the thrill of a lady of Balzac’s age, decided in one day to reveal another mystery. To this end, she comes to the estate to Dr. Felton, who was once a famous notary. Now Felton, having lost all he loved (his wife and daughter), was struck by a mysterious and very terrible disease — he can not move around the house himself and all the worries about
Adventure Horror 3D 3rd Person | 5-02-2018, 08:34 | 1 268 | 6.83 GB
Friday the 13th The Game torrent download
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Friday the 13th The Game — a game in the genre of horror, in which you need to survive outsmarting the killer, and possibly become a maniac. It is based on the world-famous horror film «Friday 13», released in theaters a little bit in 1980, then the world appeared a lot of continuations of this bloody series. The movie told of Jason, a maniac in a hockey mask, who mercilessly killed people. Developers offer you in a cooperative mode to fight with the killer, try to outwit
Action Survival Third-person 3D Horror | 24-12-2017, 05:23 | 4 375 | 3.30 GB
Unforgiving A Northern Hymn torrent download
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Unforgiving A Northern Hymn — before you a game in the genre of horror, the narrative is based on the gloomy Scandinavian stories. The game shows the stories that frighten Swedish children, they are filled with horror and constantly kept in suspense. Before you a vast game world in the form of northern forests, very dark and gloomy. You have to answer the most important question, what can you go to to survive. You will understand how much the desire to save will prevail over
Action Horror 1st-Person 3D | 2-12-2017, 04:46 | 2 296 | 1.49 GB
Debris torrent download
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Debris is an atmospheric single-player adventure game set in a surreal frozen ocean. Trapped in the depths, you must reach the surface to survive. Power is scarce, your team is lost and unusual creatures lurk in the darkness. Escape together or die alone. You’re part of a small team sent to film a promotional video for a groundbreaking discovery: meteoric debris embedded deep in Arctic ice that provides clean, hyper-efficient energy. But as your dive begins, several
Adventure First-person 3D Horror | 24-10-2017, 15:47 | 777 | 3.7 GB