Superfighters Deluxe v1.1.1 - SKIDROW

Superfighters Deluxe torrent download
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Superfighters Deluxe is a free multiplayer game in which all you need is to crush and shred other players on a small map. We run, jump, shoot, kill, destroy and try to survive as long as possible — that’s the whole point of Superfighters Deluxe. It would seem that nothing special, but the game delays and gives a lot of positive emotions.

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Evergate v20190217 (demo)

Evergate torrent download
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Evergate is a very beautiful and interesting adventure platformer in which you have to curb the power of the soul and go on a journey through the afterlife, in which you are waiting for numerous trials, riddles, puzzles, enemies and much more. In the story, you will play with the soul of the real child itself, who needs to get out of the underworld at any cost and reunite with another soul. To do this, you will have to overcome several dozen levels, each of which will put you face to face with numerous enemies in the form of demons and other souls, trials, physical puzzles and not only. But you will not be unarmed in this dangerous journey — you will be subject to special energy, the flame of the soul, the light with which you will be able to destroy obstacles and enemies, light your way and do much more.
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Underrail v1.0.4.17

Underrail torrent download
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Underrail is a great role-playing action game with a view from above, in which you will have to go to the world of an alternative future, where people have long been living not on the surface of the planet, in deep underground, in underground communications, subways and improvised caves. The game’s plot revolves around an extensive system of subway tunnels. Here are the last pockets of the human race. Now the stations have been turned into cities, and the people in them live according to the laws of wild nature — the one who is stronger is right. You will play just the same for one of these residents of the «subway». You are waiting for travel through endless tunnels, underground cities, meeting with different characters, battles with mutants and monsters, and much more.
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Road Redemption v20190101 - ALI213

Road Redemption torrent download
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Road Redemption — this is the real action-racing, almost the first of its kind. Their essence lies in the races on motorcycles, but not simple, but gangster, with obstacles, battles on the go, murders and extreme stunts. The game’s events unfold in the vast post-apocalyptic world, in which the shaky truce between bikers and different groups of gangsters was broken by the murder of the leader of the drug cartel. A reward is offered for the killer’s head, but rather a lot, but in order to get this money, you have to go a long way through enemy territory, where everyone wants to prevent you, because he also wants to get an award.
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Sunless Skies v1.2.0.2 Build 20190217 - CODEX

Sunless Skies torrent download
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Sunless Skies is a computer game in the RPG genre, where you have to get into an unforgettable adventure, all of whose actions will take place in the airspace. You will take up the management of a rather interesting looking type of flying machine that works with steam. Take care of trade and supply, as well as try to improve your knowledge in the field of finance. The three of us have a huge world full of mysteries and useful items. Open all the secrets and find all the resources for the perfect passage to the end. Explore a huge quaint world where you will meet a lot of different characters that will somehow influence the course of action. Fighting will have quite a lot and often, so try as best you can to prepare for fabulous fights with crowds of rivals. The atmosphere in the game is amazing, where you can safely plunge for a few hours.

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Valfaris v16.02.2019 Demo

Valfaris torrent download
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Valfaris is a crazy, overflowing extreme, two-dimensional platformer based on heavy metal, blood, killing opponents, meat, the most fantastic weapon and just an unfortunate plot. In the story you will need to go to the citadel Valfaris, which was once a real paradise. Suddenly, it disappeared many years ago and now has appeared in the orbit of a dying star. You are the rightful heir to the ruler of the citadel, a warrior named Therion, who now has to go deep into the citadel and find out what evil has settled there. Find out the reasons for the disappearance of the citadel and its appearance in another place, imbued with the evil that devoured it and free your house from Darkness.
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Fall of Light Darkest Edition v1.5 - PLAZA

Fall of Light torrent download
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Fall of Light is an incredibly touching and at the same time innovative project, as for the gaming industry, because unlike most other developments that have been published lately, it becomes clear to you that you will not spend some interesting hours in company with definitely the best characters of the video games of recent years. At the same time, the developers didn’t even give a hint about the main characters about the past, so that it would be even more interesting for you to dig in it while you are going through the company of this game.
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Evoland 2 v1.0.9137

Evoland 2 torrent download
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Evoland 2 — an exciting role-playing game with a mix of strategy, tactics, quests and puzzles. Then you have to travel in time, fight, overcome various obstacles, roam the dungeons and not only. The most important feature of this game is time travel. The fact is that there is a different atmosphere in each time and even graphics. For example, once in the past, you will see a pixel environment with blurred faces of monsters, while in the present you will have to wait for a more traced and detailed world. Well, in the future you will see the most beautiful 3D world in which everything resembles a fairy tale. In general, the originality of the design is obvious. Speaking of the plot — in the story you wake up without memory of what happened earlier in the forest 50 years after the war of demons and people.
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CHKN v0.7.3c - SKIDROW

CHKN torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.7.3c TORRENT SKIDROW
CHKN — new additions to the world of designers, where you will play the role of the creator of various forms of life. The fact is that here you can fully express your, even the craziest, fantasy. Create your own pet, unlike any other, and then go on exploring the vast world. In the course of the game you can find a lot of useful gizmos that will be useful to you in survival. Yes, there is also the topic of protecting your own life from all sorts of rivals. To continue your experiments on the creation of animal species, you will wander around the world and look for new units with the help of which you will be able to translate ideas into reality. Combinations to create just a huge amount, and each creature will have distinctive abilities, external data and characteristics.

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Empyrion Galactic Survival v9.4.0.2281

Empyrion Galactic Survival torrent download
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v9.4.0.2281 TORRENT
Empyrion Galactic Survival is a project under development, but already conquered a huge audience. Unexplored planets, creepy creatures and many dangers — all this will wait for you in the game. The game embodies a few cool genres. Here you can see the elements of the sandbox, RPG and even strategy. You need to carefully think through the plan of action in order to survive in a vast and dangerous world. You play for the protagonist, who got on an unknown planet with a hostile life form. Everyone here wants to take your life, so be as thorough as possible and prepare yourself for bloody battles. Here there is the Kraft system, which has a weighty value. Initially, you need to fix your spaceship, and then go to explore the vast expanses of the universe.

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