The Path To Die v20190502 - PLAZA

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The Path To Die is a top-down pixel game with action, adventure, and lots of research. In this game, you will go to Feudal Japan and visit various areas of the Great Imperial Palace, with its huge gardens, pagodas, cemeteries and villas, where you will have to penetrate and meet a large number of enemies guarding it. The combat system is one of the most important aspects in Path to Die, unlike other games in which you attack with the touch of a button, here your right stick will be your faithful katana, and you will kill your enemies by performing attacks by moving it. Keep your sword sharp and your bow taut, because you will encounter many enemies who stand between you and your destiny. Your weapon will be your best ally in your path. But you will not survive only with your weapon. Explore the last corner, because you will need food, drinks and bandages in addition to other vital elements to support yourself in battle.

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Ultra Off-Road Simulator 2019 Alaska Build 20190502 (Update 10) - RELOADED

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Ultra Off-Road Simulator 2019 Alaska — another peasant simulator technology, mud mash with uncharted beauty. In front of you there will be no roads, only meadows, fields, rivers and mountains. Your equipment may break at any time, fuel supplies are limited, so in such a situation, getting lost and dying is a common thing for someone like you. Use various means to achieve your goals, take a winch to get out of the mud or river, go through the winter snows, hell rain and fog. Realistic physics and nice graphics will not leave indifferent lovers of technology and dirt. The game resembles many similar analogs, but at the same time it is highlighted by a new concept, and in particular the open world with beautiful open spaces of Alaska. And most importantly, do not break in the middle of the wilderness.

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PC Building Simulator v1.2.2 (upd.02.05.2019) + Razer Workshop - PLAZA

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PC Building Simulator is a computer build simulator. If you always wanted to collect the computer of your dreams, then for a start you can do it virtually, in this game. You can collect a variety of configurations and test them for the test. Of course, this is just a simulation, but the results are as close as possible to the real ones. So that you will not be bored simply to collect all possible variations of the PC, there is a story line in the game in which you will take orders from customers to assemble computers for them, taking into account their wishes. Some orders will be quite specific, so you will have to try hard to realize what the client has conceived.

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Grimshade v1.2 (upd.02.05.2019) - CODEX

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Grimshade — attempts to create an artificial intelligence that could help humanity, were unsuccessful. Having obtained sufficient autonomy, intelligent machines decided that they were superior to people and raised a large-scale uprising all over the planet. Soon it turned out that the main impetus for the uprising was the emergence of a new unique energy called Aether, which came from somewhere from nowhere. Now you have to lead the resistance and, choosing one of the many heroes, begin to fulfill the historic mission of restoring balance and returning to humanity the dominant role on planet Earth.

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Achtung Cthulhu Tactics v1.0.2.3 - CODEX

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Achtung Cthulhu Tactics — a game created based on the eponymous table toy and invites strategy lovers to plunge into a war with the Nazis, behind whose backs dark forces are hiding. And the first thing worth noting is the fact that this game is interesting not only in terms of gameplay, but also in terms of storyline. You will have to fight in the open with numerous Nazi troops, use shelters, think through every step and slowly but surely pull your unit to victory. Although in reality everything is much more complicated. First, in this game ballistics plays a very important role.
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Heliborne v0.98 (upd.02.05.2019) - PLAZA

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Heliborne is a well-designed project, developed in the genre of action. You have to perform a fairly large number of various missions, and this will help you a whole collection of air tools intended for a particular action. Go to a huge and very beautiful world, where you will float in the air, enjoying the environment. All combat vehicles will be presented from a variety of time periods, there will appear models that you have not exactly seen live. You must test them for strength and performance.
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Yuppie Psycho v1.0.7 (upd.27.05.2019)

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Yuppie Psycho — we present to you a fascinating and incredible story about Brian Pasternak, who made the decision to become a successful careerist in the well-known worldwide company Sintrakorp. By pure chance, he managed to successfully pass an interview, and he was hired. His first task, he was very surprised, because he needed to find and destroy the witch, who contributed to the success of this company. He did not want to do this, and was extremely upset, but he had no choice, and he began to invent a plan.

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Franchise Hockey Manager 5 v5.8.72

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Franchise Hockey Manager 5 is a deep and very authentic strategy game that can give the user a new experience. The game is a kind of manager, based on a real NHL license. The user has a unique opportunity to take one of the well-known and not-so-well teams under his sensitive guidance, and to win the famous Stanley Cup with her. The player is invited to participate in one of the 28 existing leagues, leading one or another hockey club. It is worth noting that taking control of an existing team is not at all necessary. In the local editor, you can create your own team, set a story for it, come up with a logo and even work on the appearance of each athlete separately. Create your own hockey universe with your stars.

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Lethal Running Prologue v30.04.2019 - SKIDROW

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Lethal Running Prologue is a game project in the RPG genre, where elements of the bagel have also successfully found their place. Here you have to go to the gloomy dystopian and mystical world where an unusual game show takes place, closely connected with death. Here, soulless and merciless bounty hunters will constantly follow you, from which you must either run away or engage in a fierce fight with them, which will not be so easy to win. The ruins of the city prepared quite a few tests for you, so you should always be on the alert, because an unpleasant situation can arise at any time.

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Mordhau v1.0 Build 3779506 - PLAZA

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Mordhau — game project, developed in the genre of the simulator, where you have to go into the world of the Middle Ages, to fight with his rivals on sharply swords. You will become a part of dynamic and merciless resistance, where there is no place for fear, but there is a place only for strength and courage. Focus on the main point and try not to say goodbye to life as long as possible, making your way to success. Be attentive and do not forget to follow the development of their combat abilities, because the further you go, the harder the gameplay becomes. On the battlefield against you will go all sorts of rivals, so you should be ready for unexpected turns of events.

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