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Startup Company is a game based in the genre of a simulator, where the main role is played by the compilation of a strategy plan. You have to create your own startup company from scratch, which will constantly change and improve for the better, bringing more and more new ideas to the world. You will become the CEO of a new company, where you will invest maximum effort. From the very beginning, you will have a couple of employees, a small office and a very small capital. You need to monitor the market demand for various types of software, and then develop it for the better. As soon as there is a sufficient amount of savings in your treasury, you will be able to start cooperating with larger firms, thereby gaining experience and improving IT skills. Create a comfortable office and every time hire experienced employees who will build the system of the company as a whole. Create all sorts of objects and design the room.

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Rainswept v1.0.13b (upd.16.02.2019)

Rainswept torrent download
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Rainswept — adventure detective quest with a touch of action, in which you as detective Michael Stone will have to investigate the terrible murder of a couple, what happened in a town called Pineview. A terrible murder occurred in the city of Pineview. The couple was killed in their home, and no one knows what led to this, and who is to blame. There is only one single version, from which it follows that the couple was shot due to violent quarrels and contradictions. But you in the role of a detective should not believe in it and must engage in this matter and find out who is actually involved in the murder.

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Ravenfield v16.02.2019 - SKIDROW

Ravenfield torrent download
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Ravenfield — Otpad decadent action game with a first-person view, in which you can feel like a real infantryman, pilot, tanker or gunner and huge maps, on which battles between dozens of characters will take place, a sea of possibilities, shooting and killing, bloody battles, flying on planes and bombing, arranged by artillery — all this creates an atmosphere extremely similar to the atmosphere of the famous «BF». Here you have the right to become what you want. Do you want to be an ordinary infantryman and kill dozens of opponents, emitting a barrage of bullets? Easy! Or maybe you want to become a pilot, crushing targets, both ground and air? So it is also possible here! The main thing is not to stand still.

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Farm Together v15.02.2019

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​Farm Together is a beautiful third-person farm simulator with sandbox elements. Start by caring for a small area and try to create your own farm. Plant, take care and harvest, breed animals, strive to constantly expand the areas of their possessions and then you will be able to create a thriving farm. Are you tired of vegetables, want to do something else? No problem — you can do the decor of the farm or just pick up new clothes for your character. Also worth noting is that when you exit the game, the time does not stop, so that when you start again, new things will be waiting for you.​

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Kenshi v1.0.14

Kenshi torrent download
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Kenshi is a game about survival in the cruel conditions that nature has prepared for you. Here you have to play the role of the protagonist, who must create his own team of survivors, that together rally the forces and save lives. This project is made in the RPG genre, where a huge open world awaits you, which is fraught with a lot of dangers and cruel opponents. Here you will not be level by level, here you need to throw all the forces on to create a team together and build the most protected camp. Initially, you will have a choice when creating the main character. Then go to the warpath, fighting for a place in the sun. Explore the surrounding area for the presence of useful resources, and then create for yourself a powerful weapon with which to protect yourself and your team.

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Armed to the Gears v20190214

Armed to the Gears torrent download
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Armed to the Gears — it’s just unrealistically cool adventure action with a mix of tactics, strategy and shooter. Here you will have to take the side of the rebels in an alternative future and try to destroy the government, whose representatives imagined themselves to be gods. In the story you will play in the conditions of a distant alternative future in which a single power was seized by a handful of dictators and tyrants. Freedoms and rights of people are systematically violated, the poor become even poorer, and justice does not at all. Naturally, resistance simply did not arise in this Chaos, and you, by the way, will almost be at the head of this resistance.
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The Ballad Singer v1.0 (upd.16.02.2019) - SKIDROW

The Ballad Singer torrent download
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Similar to her story can be found in many fantastic books or not. Rogues, thieves, myths and mythical creatures who constantly meet us and test us again and again until we die — The Ballad Singer. No, this is not about singing musical ballads. There are more dangerous situations that we must overcome with one of our four heroes, and this is not like singing. We were able to test the alpha version, unfortunately its content was limited, but I will try to give you a first impression. The game is under development, so some features have not yet been implemented. Aplha had 2 playable heroes whose stories could already be influenced. Many do not know this unknown name, and it is certainly related to his own style.
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Medieval Engineers v0. - SKIDROW

Medieval Engineers torrent download
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Medieval Engineers is a sandbox game where you go to the distant Middle Ages to fulfill an important mission. You will act as a design engineer who will be engaged in the creation of various kinds of designs from parts that were available at that time. This suggests that it will not be easy. Support the work of architects and make sure that your work uses only modern technology. You will invent mechanical devices and bring your ideas to life. Build entire cities, and then take care of their mount and arrangement. Also, you will be engaged in landscape design and improve your skills in various fields of activity. At your disposal a whole world that is full of possibilities. The developers have tried to use the laws of physics here, and here there is a place for a strategy that you need to think carefully about.

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StarCrawlers v1.1.3.3 (upd.16.02.2019)

StarCrawlers torrent download
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StarCrawlers is a high-quality game in the RPG genre, the main process of which is based on dialogues. Here, the course of events will directly depend on your actions, so be gentle to the utmost care in choosing. Your main character, whose role you will play, is sent to an unusual universe, which is striking in its fantastic nature. In addition, there are also elements of cyberpunk. Here you will visit a variety of large space structures and stations, each of which will need to be carefully investigated. In addition, you will be able to visit on board large-scale intergalactic ships, various factories, as well as conquer the planet. The good news is that the developers have well thought out the world’s random generation, so you definitely will not be bored. You will make special decisions that in one way or another will affect your development and the further following of events.

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Project Hospital v1.0.15215 - GOG

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Project Hospital is a simulator of its own hospital. Build and equip a hospital, making it not only the best in the city, but throughout the world. Of course, you will find a difficult path that requires attention even to minor details. Hire the best specialists, diagnose diseases in the early stages, solve medical puzzles, buy the most modern equipment to treat all types of diseases. Work with insurance companies to make big profits. The higher your budget, the more opportunities to improve your hospital. Build your hospital, hire good doctors and attract clients in all possible ways. Work with insurance companies to increase your profits. Develop a hospital by purchasing the right equipment and hiring qualified doctors. By purchasing new equipment, you can much easier to diagnose even complex cases of various diseases. Make your hospital the best in the world.

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