Project Hospital torrent download
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Project Hospital is a simulator of its own hospital. Build and equip a hospital, making it not only the best in the city, but throughout the world. Of course, you will find a difficult path that requires attention even to minor details. Hire the best specialists, diagnose diseases in the early stages, solve medical puzzles, buy the most modern equipment to treat all types of diseases. Work with insurance companies to make big profits. The higher your budget, the more
Indie Simulation Strategy | 16-12-2018, 11:12 | 57 | 71.6 MB
FortressCraft Evolved Adventures Pack torrent download
Build 20181216 Full game PLAZA FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
FortressCraft Evolved Adventures Pack — a creative three-dimensional sandbox, originally appeared on the Xbox 360 console, but after some time transferred to a PC platform. A variant of this computer game turned out to be more successful than its console relative. Developers have added more tools with which players can now create truly unique and large-scale universes. This voxel sandbox does not have a full plot, but there is some kind of prehistory in it. According to the
Adventure Casual Indie RPG Simulation Strategy | 16-12-2018, 08:00 | 57 | 4.06 GB
PC Building Simulator torrent download
v0.9.3.2 Early Access 3DM FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
PC Building Simulator is a computer build simulator. If you always wanted to collect the computer of your dreams, then for a start you can do it virtually, in this game. You can collect a variety of configurations and test them for the test. Of course, this is just a simulation, but the results are as close as possible to the real ones. So that you will not be bored simply to collect all possible variations of the PC, there is a story line in the game in which you will take
Indie Simulation Early Access | 16-12-2018, 04:44 | 1 823 | 1.6 GB

This game has been updated 16-12-2018, 04:44 to the latest version v0.9.3.2.

Kabounce torrent download
v1.28 (upd.16.12.2018) Full game SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Kabounce is a three-dimensional game, executed in the genre of action, where there is a fascinating atmosphere, as well as the most dynamic gameplay. Here you have to fully interact with the game world, each location of which must be carefully studied to cope with the problems. The goal of the game is quite simple and is to build a variety of obstacles with the help of a special tool in the form of a blue ray of light.
Action Indie Sports | 16-12-2018, 04:22 | 100 | 2.27 GB

This game has been updated 16-12-2018, 04:22 to the latest version v1.28 (upd.16.12.2018).

BallisticNG torrent download
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BallisticNG is a racing simulator game where you will become a participant of the world championship and make every effort to become a winner. Antigravitational aircraft appear at your disposal, which you will take control of in order to achieve your goal. The gameplay will send you to the future, namely in 2159, in which the racing tests drastically changed their format. The main goal of the game is to win, but it will be very difficult to achieve it, as the opponents
Action Indie Racing | 15-12-2018, 14:51 | 38 | 1.03 GB
Desert Child torrent download
upd.15.12.2018 Full game SKIDROW FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT
Desert Child — colorful action, which was also presented in the genre of the simulator, where you have to go into a rather dangerous world and cope with its insidious enemies. The story will send our main character to a distant future, where the planet only recently experienced a terrible apocalypse, entailing quite a few adverse effects. Now all the locations to the top are filled with piles of garbage, which is simply no place to put. Huge cities and megalopolises are now
Action Indie Racing RPG Simulation | 15-12-2018, 14:34 | 27 | 91.1 MB
Mech Rage torrent download
upd.15.12.2018 Full game PLAZA FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT
Mech Rage is an interesting representative of the genre of simulators, where you need strategic skills to cope with all the trials that the fantastic world has prepared for you. The game will send you, in the person of the protagonist, to a distant future, where humanity has reached quite great heights in the development of technology. This allowed the creation of new robots that are able to explore the most distant planets. You will go to one of these planets in order
Action Indie | 15-12-2018, 14:26 | 43 | 728.10 MB
Hyss torrent download
upd.15.12.2018 Full game CODEX FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT
Hyss is a game project, executed in the style of a quest, where you have to go to meet your adventures, taking with you all the skills of logical thinking. The basis of the gameplay was taken Scandinavian mythology, and this means that throughout the game you are waiting for exciting events and their unexpected twists and turns. You will take control and control of large and small trolls, which are endowed with features and unique skills that can pass this or that test. You
Adventure Indie | 15-12-2018, 14:22 | 41 | 0.99 GB
Stonehearth torrent download
v1.1.0.937 Full game ALI213 FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Stonehearth is a voxel sandbox with elements of a town-planning simulator, real-time strategy and RPG. Your task is to found a new village and turn it into a thriving city. Start your way with managing a handful of residents, give them tasks, collect resources and build the necessary buildings. At the beginning of your journey you will be able to choose a race, a hero with the given characteristics and a place on a randomly created map. After that, you will find a difficult
Indie Simulation Strategy | 15-12-2018, 12:43 | 1 397 | 760 MB

This game has been updated 15-12-2018, 12:43 to the latest version v1.1.0.937.

Kenshi torrent download
v1.0.8 Full game PLAZA FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Kenshi is a game about survival in the cruel conditions that nature has prepared for you. Here you have to play the role of the protagonist, who must create his own team of survivors, that together rally the forces and save lives. This project is made in the RPG genre, where a huge open world awaits you, which is fraught with a lot of dangers and cruel opponents. Here you will not be level by level, here you need to throw all the forces on to create a team together and build
Action Indie RPG Simulation Strategy | 15-12-2018, 12:42 | 351 | 6.21 GB

This game has been updated 15-12-2018, 12:42 to the latest version v1.0.8.

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