CHANGE A Homeless Survival Experience Day 216 upd.16.05.2019

CHANGE A Homeless Survival Experience torrent download
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CHANGE A Homeless Survival Experience — a game that is a survival genre where you have to reincarnate as a homeless person and cope with life’s difficulties on the streets of the city. The complexity of the game will depend on many factors, and everything must be considered in order not to say goodbye to life in two accounts. The city will be generated randomly each time, which will allow you to diversify the gameplay. The rogue through the streets will roam a lot, and they will not all be kind to you, because everyone will look for their own benefit. Try to explore the urban area, carefully searching each location, trying to find something very useful and valuable for your future life.

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Heartbound v1.0.7.b - SKIDROW

Heartbound torrent download
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Heartbound — an adventure silt project presented to users in the style of an RPG, where you have to learn the story of one little boy who falls into the big world to meet with numerous adventures, and in some moments even hazards. Also, you should get acquainted with the best friend of our main character — his faithful dog, who will accompany him throughout the gameplay. All the way to the goal you will encounter various kinds of puzzles, which are not so easy to solve, without having the proper level of skills. Moreover, you will make new acquaintances, or enter into fabulous battles with the most diverse inhabitants of this dangerous, but at the same time very diverse world.

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Lovecraft's Untold Stories v1.215g

Lovecraft's Untold Stories torrent download
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Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is an awesome dynamic role-playing action game with rogue-like elements in which you have to take control of one of the five proposed characters and go in search of the Great Ancient and External Gods. A huge number of automatically generated at the procedural level locations, equipment and weapons, represented by the widest assortment, skills and development abilities, the destruction of all evil and gameplay sea of possibilities — all this is not a complete list of the advantages of this game. Here you can warmly war with the cultists, engage in the destruction of monsters from the Cthulhu Myths and simply enjoy the atmosphere recreated based on the works of Lovecraft.

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StarsOne v15.05.2019 - SKIDROW

StarsOne torrent download
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StarsOne is a new game project under development where you have to fight for your life using any available means. History will take you to a distant future, namely in the year 2125, when more and more new planets colonize. When the planet was fully prepared, a group of colonists was sent there to study and make it suitable for life. But suddenly something went wrong and the connection with the Earth was lost. The colonists were gone, and on Earth it was decided to send a group of researchers to investigate the incident, which will include our main character. As soon as you arrive at the orbit of the required planet, you will immediately be shipwrecked. The whole group has broken up on the planet and now you have to find each other, having overcome many obstacles and fighting with crowds of rivals.

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Stationeers v0.2.2005.9159 - SKIDROW

Stationeers torrent download
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Stationeers — space simulator with a first-person view, where you will go on an exciting and dangerous adventure. The game process should be monitored as closely as possible, because every mistake can lead to irreversible consequences. It is necessary to take under your total control a huge space station, which you will manage. In addition, that you can go through the story line alone, go to explore outer space with your friends or other players around the world, distributing responsibilities between each other. Be sure to follow every station of the complete system, so that they are all in working order around the clock. Engage in space farming Take control of all aspects of the plant’s operation so that it can work without interruption for a long time. The gameplay is very interesting, so you do not have to miss here. Investigate the exploration of the planet, build complex structures and structures, and conduct various secret operations.

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Deep Rock Galactic v0.24

Deep Rock Galactic torrent download
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Deep Rock Galactic is a sci-fi shooter about space gnomes who will go on a meteorite and take part in adventures that will leave their mark on your memories for a long time. Space gnomes with cool weapons and incredible abilities, monsters and mutants, a cooperative mission mode, several specialization classes to choose from, a wide range of weapons, destructible environments and insane atmosphere — all this is not a complete list of the advantages that belong to this game.

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TerraTech v1.1.0.4 - SKIDROW

TerraTech torrent download
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TerraTech — designer sandbox in which the player creates their own machines to fight with the machines of the enemy. Your task is to collect resources, but the problem is that not only you are going to do this. That is why you need to create the best mechanism that will give you an edge over others during a battle. A flexible, but not complicated construction system allows you to create everything you want. During the battle, with the destroyed enemy, you can pick up valuable details, and then apply them in their designs. From what will be your car, will depend on the style of play. You can create a fast fighter, which will crumble after a serious hit by the enemy, or you can create a bulky tank that will be targeted from a distance.

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Beraltors - PLAZA

Beraltors torrent download
Beraltors is based on catching monsters to progress instead of collecting bonuses. There are over 70 different gaming operators, each with different capabilities. Operators have unique drawn works of art and an absurd history with more than 15 hours of gameplay. Being a realtor was made entirely by one person.
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Technosphere Reload v1.0 - PLAZA

Technosphere Reload torrent download
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Technosphere Reload embark on a dangerous journey into the heart of the asteroid to save humanity from disaster. Manage TECHNOSPHERE, roll, jump, balance, solve puzzles and go through mazes. Atlas Corporation digs up crystals in the core of an asteroid orbiting the Earth. Due to a failure in asteroid systems, orbit correction was disabled. Only TECHNOSPHERE is able to reload the asteroid system and restore the orbit. You have 10 hours to save the Earth from disaster. Large spaces with volumetric illumination, science fiction, various mechanics, labyrinths, traps, lasers, turrets, bombs and much more. Doomsday Timer. You may not have time to save the earth. Technosphere improvements, achievements, full controller support.
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Landinar Into the Void v1.0.0.3 - CODEX

Landinar Into the Void torrent download
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Landinar Into the Void is a dynamic neo-noir-style space adventure, which unfolds on the outskirts of a galaxy controlled by the Empire. You have to get used to the role of the captain, who managed to make a lot of enemies and differs in the ability to regularly get into trouble. After a series of failures, it’s time to change everything! Make deals, execute contracts, fight your enemies, upgrade your equipment, build a new ship and join the rebels to free the quadrant.

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