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The idea of the game SCUM is not new, but the implementation promised by the developers of many elements in the game promises an interesting project that attracted the attention of many gamers. Before you a new multiplayer survivor. According to the plot, you take part in the next season of the reality of the show from the media giant TEC1. Forget the innocuous rules, the people demand a spectacle! You with other participants of the show will survive on a huge island with dense forests, open fields and even mountains. And the word survival means not just running around the island in search of food, here you have to look for weapons and fight other survivors. In this show you can do anything you want, kill or kill you!

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Fortnite v12.50

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Game project Fortnite — a novelty in 2017, which instantly attracted the attention of game critics and users. Epic Games Poland was working on his creation, and the same employees of Epic Games were engaged in publishing. The game product is created in the genre of a corporate shooter, it has animated graphics, good detailed. Traditionally, in the projects of this genre, all the environment and heroes, including, look angular. There is no such feature here. The project is based on the modern engine Unreal Engine, and the process is carried out from a third party. Game Fortnite torrent download you can now, without losing a minute, from our game.

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