Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 v1.6.4 + DLC - PLAZA

Torrent Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 download free pc
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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 — this is an interesting computer game that offers you to become for a couple of hours to those who perhaps you once dreamed of becoming a child, namely, an auto mechanic. Thus, you will have a chance to show all your skills and knowledge in the structure of cars, because with this you have to earn a living and feed the family. But realizing that they are the same, players will not be able to attract the attention of the players every year, the developers decided to demonstrate something new, as now the developers used some of the finds from the well-known TV show American Chopper. On its expanses, as you know, famous mechanics tried to find interesting representatives of the automobile business among the piles of rubbish and by fixing and giving them a decent appearance, cashing in, getting almost double benefit from each car sold.

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My Summer Car v23.01.2020 - SKIDROW

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My Summer Car is a computer game that is a kind of mechanic simulator that will repair various machines. But you have to not only repair, but also ride the world of the game, scouting it and collecting all sorts of details. The developers have very carefully worked out the process of mechanical assembly of the machine, so you should be very careful not to make a mistake. After all, an incorrectly delivered part can lead to bad consequences. The game is as close to reality as possible, which makes the pastime even more interesting. You can spend a lot of time on the assembly of the car, but in the end, it’s just not going to start, and you’ll have to go all over again. Also, one incorrectly delivered part can lead to a fatal outcome.

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Biker Garage Mechanic Simulator v20200123 + DLC - PLAZA

Torrent Biker Garage Mechanic Simulator download free pc
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Biker Garage Mechanic Simulator — is an extremely detailed motor mechanic simulator. The game is perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts, and those who want to begin to understand them, if you want to get basic knowledge. Start your career at home in the garage workshop, which can then be turned into a full-fledged and well-known service. At the moment, only ten iron horses are available, but the developers promise to increase their number over time.

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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Mercedes-Benz DLC v1.6.4 - PLAZA

Torrent Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Mercedes-Benz DLC download free pc

The mechanic simulator Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 — was released back in 2018, but until today it has a very good fan audience, which does not allow developers to abandon their project. This time, a new addition Mercedes-Benz DLC comes into the game, which brings true fans and auto mechanics 5 licensed cars of the famous Mercedes-Benz brand. Try to find out what these cars are, how difficult it will be to repair them, how the wiring is arranged, what the engine is. All this and a lot of work awaits you in this add-on. Your main task is to find all the soldering cars, assemble them from various parts, and make a real museum exhibit or a racing car. Turn the nuts of these cars, look under their hood and find out why they became a legend.

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American Truck Simulator v1.36.1.40s + DLC - CODEX

Torrent American Truck Simulator download free pc
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American Truck Simulator is a great simulator of a long-distance driver, which is filled with elements of economic strategy. The gamer will be able to try himself as the driver of huge steel monsters, working tirelessly and following the road. The user, who downloads the American Truck Simulator with the help of a torrent tracker, will immediately find himself on the sunny coast of California, without leaving a comfortable chair near his personal computer. He will be able to enjoy trips on his car in stunning places in the most populous country — the United States of America.

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DiRT Rally 2.0 v1.12.0 + DLC - CODEX

Torrent DiRT Rally 2.0 download free pc
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DiRT Rally 2.0 is designed to continue the tradition of the eponymous series of rally simulators. At this time, gamemasters from Codemasters offer players a new quality of virtual rally: a new graphical shell, refined physics, genuine realism of what is happening on the roads, and much more. Get ready to continue your journey through the cult trails located in all corners of our planet. The games garage offers the user an unbelievable amount of powerful SUVs imaginable.

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Garfield Kart Furious Racing v20200120 - CODEX

Torrent Garfield Kart Furious Racing download free pc
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Garfield Kart Furious Racing — is an arcade kart racing game developed by the Artefacts Studio team and released by Microids. The game is based on a legendary comic book license and is the second part of a series released in 2013 by Garfield Kart. In the game Garfield Kart Furious Racing, we drive a go-kart car and play as one of eight characters from a comic book prototype, participating in crazy races. Each vehicle is driven a little differently, and individual participants differ in their preferred driving style, which is reflected in their statistics. In addition to the famous cat, during the game we can control other characters with a dog named Ody, a mouse known as Squick and cats Nermal, Arlene and Henry and the people on the list.

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BeamNG drive v0.18.4.1 - SKIDROW

Torrent BeamNG drive download free pc
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BeamNG drive — a game created in the style of racing, where you will not have any restrictions. But not everything is so simple. The fact is that the foundation here is based on the physics of actions, because every collision of your car with any obstacle will significantly affect its external and internal state. The damage model is made very realistic. You can not find the plot line here, but you will have complete freedom: go where you want and do what you want. Before your choice will be a variety of types of cars that you can experience on all sorts of racing tracks. Your main task will be to break the iron horses, pushing them into different stones, trees and knowledge. The graphics are simple enough, but very realistic. Explore the huge world, rummage through the various locations and smash everything as much as you want.​

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Just Ride Apparent Horizon v20200115 - PLAZA

Torrent Just Ride Apparent Horizon download free pc
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Just Ride Apparent Horizon is a dynamic racing game that offers you to fight for your life on long, dangerous tracks. The game includes excellent rendering, nice animation, and is also ready to please you with a storyline. History will send you into the future, namely in 2025, when the entire world economy crashed. From now on, no government can take responsibility. Mankind had to find ways to survive in this darkness, separation and chaos. You will take on the role of a brave hero who is trapped.

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GRID Hot Hatch Showdown v1.0.114.7116 - CODEX

Torrent GRID Hot Hatch Showdown download free pc
DLC FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.0.114.7116 TORRENT CODEX

GRID Hot Hatch Showdown — British studio Codemasters shared the details of Hot Hatch Showdown — the first planned content set for the racing game GRID. 33 new events in career mode and 4 new hatchbacks will appear in the game and the addition is dedicated to them: MINI Hatch JCW, Lancia Delta HF Integrale Super Hatch, Renault S1600 — available for everyone in Free Play mode and in network rides as a rental car, AUDI S1 quattro Concept.

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