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SpellForce 3 — is a real-time strategy in which you have to participate in epic battles for elves, humans or orcs. In the courtyard of 518, after the revolt of the magicians, which was brutally suppressed, everything is in ruin. Order in the country is disturbed by anarchy, everywhere refugees who have lost their homes and are now looking for a place where they can settle. In such a difficult time, people are able to believe anything, the main thing is to instill in them the hope for a better life. That’s the «mission» and became Rondar Leykan and his Righteous Light, bringing to the world the idea that in all the woes are guilty magicians, and save the world can only the second coming of Aonir. You are invited to take part in the events of that time, and you should determine for whom you should go, and who simply tries to cash in at the expense of others.

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Eador Imperium v2.71.2.9701 - PLAZA

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The game is not new, but only a continuation of the sensational series of Eador. It combines strategy, role play and turn-based tactics. New heroes, units, many mechanisms and obstacles. All this awaits in the Eador Empire. As with any strategy, you have to fight here. To successfully pass the levels, you need to hire an army, win battles, and also hold in your hands the whole Empire, which at any moment can fall. Every time the main character stands face to face with death, one must do everything necessary to ensure that he survives. There will be wizards, whose goal is to take revenge on those who destroyed their world. The priestess, who will not stand up to anything, she will shoot at anyone who gets in her way. Viceroy, who will rule the Empire in a crisis.

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