Insurgency Sandstorm v1.7.0.106276

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Insurgency Sandstorm — story mode supports four-player cooperation. It tells the story of a woman who was enslaved by radical rebels in Iraq. The sandstorm absorbs the village and fights eruptions. By chance, a hole is blown into the wall, and the girls run away. In the confusion of a storm, our protagonist is separated from his sister and friends. She is alone wandering in the desert. Present day. Our main character joined the rebel group fighting against the radical rebels. They pushed through battered villages, strongly attacking the rebels. A key piece of information is discovered, and the world of our hero is not what it seems.

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Atomicrops v1.0.27

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Atomicrops is a very specific farmer simulator. The authors send us to the world after a nuclear disaster. Here, carrots are no less bloodthirsty than the average mutant. The project goes under the motto Grow. Get married. Kill. You will become the owner of the last farm on the planet. Now the future of mankind is in your hands, however, you have to fight for it. Atomicros combines a variety of solutions to which you have to give up all your strength. You look after the beds on which vegetables grow. You need to fend off evil monsters generated by the disaster, who want to feast on the harvest. Tame animals that will benefit from the farm, develop as an agrarian and livestock farmer. Fascinating gameplay.

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Zombie Army 4 Dead War v1.30 (15.06.2020) Super Deluxe Edition

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Zombie Army 4 Dead War — is a cooperative 3-person shooter developed by Rebellion. This is the next part of the optional Sniper Elite series. Events take place in an alternative version of 1942. Twelve months earlier, Adolf Hitler embodied the so-called «Plan Z», because of which Europe was captured by zombie armies. The heroes of the previous installments eventually managed to defeat the Fuhrer and send him to hell, but in Zombie Army 4 Dead War he returns to sow death and destruction again. During the campaign, we travel through Italy and other territories captured by Nazi zombies, trying to disrupt the Nazis last plan.

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No Man's Sky v2.51 - CODEX

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The developers of the game No Man’s Sky promise an incredible scale in their creation, offering players an infinite space filled with planets with an amazing life form. What hides this amazing journey? What secrets do you have to open? What heroes to meet? Each step you take is a unique story full of amazing adventures. Which way will you go? Will you be a cunning trader or a brave warrior — one way or another, the game will give you an unforgettable adventure in which, starting almost from the bottom, you will have to get a good suit, ship and weapons. Here is a whole galaxy with a random generation of planets, filled with unimaginable creatures, some of which are friendly, and some, will devour you.

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Killing Floor 2 v20200608 + Perilous Plunder - CODEX

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Killing Floor 2 is a cooperative first-person shooter in the genre of survival horror, developed by Tripwire Interactive from 2011. Is the continuation of the game Killing Floor. In this part you are sent to continental Europe, filled with clones — the result of the failed experiment Horzine Biotech. Events unfold a month after the first game. The world is in a state of chaos, the governments have collapsed, communications are not working, the armies are destroyed. People are fighting for survival.

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Prey Digital Deluxe Edition - PLAZA

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Prey — is a first-person sci-fi shooter in which bloody battles with aliens, a sea of puzzles, an interesting story and much more await you. The game’s events take place at the Talos-1 space station, where alien organisms, known as Typhon, were once studied. In the courtyard of 2032, people learned how to use Typhon to create a special drug that allows you to use the power of Typhon and gain unusual skills. But all this is a trifle in comparison with what happened at Talos-1. There, the aliens got out of control and destroyed all the laboratory staff, and only you, as the main character.

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Halo 2 Anniversary v1.1570.0.0 - CODEX

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This add-on DLC is for the Halo The Master Chief Collection this game is part of the Halo The Master Chief Collection Halo 2 Anniversary — the anniversary re-release of the popular first-person shooter in the Halo series. The events of the game continue the original story of the first part. The victory was temporary, the aliens, having regrouped their forces, rushed with renewed vigor to the defenses of the Earth. You have to try on the role of commander in chief and lead the resistance forces in order to save the home planet. The gameplay is diverse due to the possibility of using a wide range of combat vehicles led by the cult warthog.

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Fortnite v12.50

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Game project Fortnite — a novelty in 2017, which instantly attracted the attention of game critics and users. Epic Games Poland was working on his creation, and the same employees of Epic Games were engaged in publishing. The game product is created in the genre of a corporate shooter, it has animated graphics, good detailed. Traditionally, in the projects of this genre, all the environment and heroes, including, look angular. There is no such feature here. The project is based on the modern engine Unreal Engine, and the process is carried out from a third party. Game Fortnite torrent download you can now, without losing a minute, from our game.

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Predator Hunting Grounds Build 16653

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Predator Hunting Grounds — is a multi-player competitive shooter where you can look at our world through the eyes of a Predator. An alien who came to Earth must fulfill a mission and return home, but he will be opposed by an elite military group. Join one of the parties to successfully complete the task. As a Predator, you need to clean the landing site, find the missing parts for your spaceship and repair it before further intergalactic flight. In this mission, you will be in every way disturbed by special forces of the Earth who will try to destroy you. If you decide to join the defenders of our planet, you have to go hunting for a representative of extraterrestrial civilization. Each player gets a choice of a large arsenal of weapons, both the usual firearms and those made using exotic alien technologies. The predator is also able to move absolutely silently, remaining invisible to the human eye. It can be detected only by special thermal imagers use these devices to successfully complete the operation.

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RICO Breakout v1.1.4988 - CODEX

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New Breakout DLC for RICO — a cooperative shooter with a first-person view, will tell you the story about two reckless police officers. Players will assume the role of one of the cops and, together with a partner, reveal a dangerous business in just 24 hours. You just need to do away with the largest gangster group in the city and for this you have a whole arsenal of weapons. We are all accustomed to the fact that the police in most computer games are the servants of the law, albeit tough, but strictly following its letter and spirit. But the game RICO, developed by Ground Shatter, is completely different. Here you will find a completely insane confrontation between the police and the criminal world, in which the servants of the law decided to reject the previous model and administer justice in more cruel but effective ways.

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