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Tech Support Error Unknown — the call centers of large companies, technical departments, support services are an entire industry, infrastructure that lives its own life and helps us in a difficult situation. Publisher Iceberg Interactive and studio Dragon Slumber is working on the game Tech Support, which shows the work of technical support from the inside. In the role of Quasar Telecommunications, you will have to work at the computer, interact with customers and solve problems. Or you can fool them for personal gain, but be careful if you make a mistake or are too brazen, the consequences will not keep you waiting.

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The Hardest Dungeon v1.03.2 - SiMPLEX

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The Hardest Dungeon is a bagel role-playing game with elements of survival and strategy. You have to take over the control and management of a detachment of brave warriors, who are sent to study the dark and full of dangers locations underground kingdom. The main goal of your team is to find a certain deck of cards, which is considered to be the first in the world and is called «Tarot». This deck has special data, as it was created by powerful ancestors. Each of the cards has a certain power, which, as you progress through, will help you turn the device upside down. The game consists of several levels, the complexity of which will increase.

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The Wild Eight v0.11.13 - SKIDROW

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The Wild Eight — a new game in the genre of RPG, where you have to survive in the most dangerous conditions. You will be transported to the wild places of Alaska, where you will do everything possible to save your life. Around the cold and frost picks up to trembling, and this indicates that your main enemy will be nature itself. But the cold and hunger is not the worst, the world has prepared for you something more interesting. You will fall into abandoned laboratories and bunkers, which contain a lot of terrible secrets and bloodthirsty creatures, capable of depriving you of life in two counts. History will tell you about a team of researchers whose plane crashed in the forests of Alaska. Around no one, but you need to find a way to ask for help. Create your main character and go on a dangerous journey. Do not forget to stock up on the weapon, because it can be useful to you in the next fight with a fierce opponent.

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Brick Rigs v11.05.2019

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Brick Rigs is a sandbox on the LEGO designer theme. The player is given the opportunity to build various types of transport and personally test them. In the game you will find realistic physics, as well as a system of destruction. At this stage, the game is still quite raw, but the developers promise a lot of interesting things. In the game Brick Rigs you can do the construction of interesting objects, namely, many types of road transport are available. After completion of construction, users will be able to get behind the wheel of their creation, and ride through the locations, enjoy physics, which is exactly transmitted in this project. The game is complemented by elements of the sandbox, which means that players will be able to express their imagination, act freely, and enjoy the gameplay. It does not matter what you will build, build a military helicopter or an off-road jeep, or maybe work on a jet engine, any of your work will move and destroy everything that surrounds you.

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Empires of the Undergrowth v0.2022 - SKIDROW

Empires of the Undergrowth torrent download
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Empires of the Undergrowth is a rather unusual game in the real-time strategy genre where you have to take on the role of an ant. You will be the leader of a colony of other ants, and then go to conquer the land. Your main task will be to seize the whole world of thickets, subjugating the representatives of the world of insects.

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The Guild 3 v0.8.1 - 3DM

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The Guild 3 is a game, a life simulator, whose actions take place in the Middle Ages, in times of recovery and development. You will play for a certain manager of a small settlement, which can then grow to an impressive size, with a developed infrastructure and economy. You find yourself in the distant 1400, in the era of trade, economic development and freedom of thought. The whole world around you will constantly endure the changes that you need to learn to adapt to. Try as thoroughly as possible to improve your knowledge in the conduct of trade, improving the economy, as well as in military affairs. Make profitable deals, participate in political negotiations, and also try to improve social relations. Do not forget to develop your city so that the residents would be as comfortable as possible in it.

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The Universim v0.0.33 + Burning Skies

The Universim torrent download
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The Universim is a fairly large-scale and very interesting simulator, where you have to become the creator of the whole world. Go to an uncharted planet, where create a small settlement, which then grows to a huge intergalactic civilization. As soon as you advance in your field of work, engage in the colonization of other planets as well, in order to expand your capabilities and possessions. It will not do without the struggle for life, because everywhere you will have obstacles and all sorts of opponents. Your planet will be generated randomly, which will make the game both more difficult and more interesting. Also, it is necessary to be afraid of weather conditions and all sorts of natural disasters that will constantly impede the achievement of your goal.

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Cultist Simulator v2019.5.a.1 (upd.11.05.2019)

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Cultist Simulator is a game project that is a pretty good representative of the world of simulators, where you have to take on the role of the occultist and go to the digital world of the board game to win by any means. Here you will learn an interesting story of the protagonist, who is the simplest fanatic who believes in not quite holy higher powers. The main goal is to make the right choice, each of which will, in this or that case, relate to adequacy or insanity. You will create various kinds of mechanisms that will help you more effectively achieve your goal.

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Planet Nomads v1.0.0.1 - Razor1911

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Planet Nomads is a sandbox game that is under development and has a car editor available. You will become a real explorer of the planet, which will have a rather impressive size. You have to go to explore every corner of the planet, where you will find various useful items and rebuild various machines that will help you in this difficult matter.

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Monster Energy Supercross The Official Videogame 2 v20190508 - CODEX

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Do you like to ride sport bikes? Then it’s time to try your hand at the game Monster Energy Supercross The Official Videogame 2, where you need to ride around the arena and try to take first place. As you may have guessed, the ride is in the arena, which has a number of obstacles and will definitely surprise you at some point. The main thing is to carefully study the gameplay. Do not worry, the game is quite simple in terms of development and you will love it. Motorsport is one of the most extreme types of racing. Dizzying speeds, swift turns — all this awaits you in a stunning racing simulator Monster Energy Supercross Official Official VideoGate 2. Here you have to fight on the racing arena with other riders in motocross competitions, overcome numerous obstacles and win prizes — if, of course, you You will be able to defeat all your rivals.

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