NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 v20190528 (All Star Update) - CODEX

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NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is an arcade game in the style of a sports simulator, where you have to assemble your own team, and then by any means bring it to victory. Go to the exciting world of basketball and become part of the most ambitious world fights and championships with the most professional players. This part of the popular game has established itself at the highest level, where there is an excellent plot line, visual performance, pleasant animation and the most dynamic gameplay.

This game has been updated 29-05-2019, 08:34 to the latest version v20190528 (All Star Update).

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AO International Tennis v1.0.1680

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AO International Tennis is a tennis simulator where you have to become a professional in your field and do everything possible to build a successful career. The main emphasis in the gameplay was given to details, where you should be attentive and careful in your actions. For the player there is the possibility of changing and completely reincarnating the character, where you can create your own copy yourself. This will give the atmosphere realism. Take your direct part in various tournaments where you will gradually win the world title. There are plenty of opportunities for the player, because you can fight in the tournament with the most famous world champions. Separately, I would like to note the graphic component, which is made as realistic as possible. As well as the soundtrack will immerse you in the full dynamic atmosphere of the game. It is really very exciting here, because you will be building your career as a champion from scratch, going through various obstacles and tests.
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 v1.02.00 - CPY

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is the ideological heir to a series of football simulators, not the first year of being produced by the Japanese company Konami. Before us is the continuation of one of the best representatives of the genre, who is able to make quite a healthy competition to the mastodon of this category of video games, namely FIFA. So, the first thing you encounter in PES 19 will be the interface. Relative to the previous part of the series, the interface in the new game looks obsolete. However, it is functional and intuitive. It is immediately worth mentioning here that this series is loved not because of the interface, but because of more realistic gameplay, high-quality pictures and many other things that FIFA does not have.
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Super Street The Game - HOODLUM

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Official arcade racing from the automobile magazine Super Street, which specializes in racing cars and tuning. Super Street The Game is inspired by the main theme of the magazine. In an effort to become the best street racer, you will assemble your car from the ground up: in the process of passing you will collect new details from hundreds of really existing automobile brands and build an ideal racing car. In total, more than 700 different parts of the car are available for tuning. Including the engine and its various components that will somehow affect the characteristics of your car.
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Hunting Simulator v1.2 + DLC - SKIDROW

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Hunting Simulator — a new game project in the genre of hunting simulator, where you have to explore the kilometers of the terrain and try to get as much profit as possible. In accessibility there will be more than thirty species of different animals, each of which requires special attention in terms of hunting. There are both birds and mammals, as well as predators. The game world consists of twelve multiscale locations, each of which exists in the real world. You will be able to visit the deep canyons, skip the forests of the taiga and see all the beauty of the surrounding nature, and also do what you love. In hunting you need to achieve incredible success, so try to constantly improve your skills and abilities. The more professionally you become, the more items will be available to you, and accordingly you will have the opportunity to catch larger prey.
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