Out of the Park Baseball 20 v20.7.68 (upd.12.11.2019) - CODEX

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If you dreamed of such a popular sport in America as baseball, then you have the opportunity to realize your dream right now with the game Out of the Park Baseball 20 — another part of the world famous bestseller in the sports management niche. MLB, MiLB and MLBPA — all of these baseball associations support this game at the official level. In the game Out of the Park Baseball 20, you have the opportunity to visit the shoes of the manager of a baseball club or his coach. You are free to create your own team or take under your own guardianship an existing club in order to join the champion title with it. Ahead of you is either a road from scratch, or a team of paths trodden by 150 years of existence You will be able to personally rewrite the history of baseball, create new stars and idols, as well as perpetuate your name on the board of honorary coaches.

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Premium Bowling v1.9.3 + Crackfix - PLAZA

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Premium Bowling — is an excellent project that will allow you to have fun and excitement, both alone and in a company, and you can play in a co-op in different ways. The main pride of the creators of the game, you can call physics. This is a bowling that is as close to reality as possible. Great for playing BP. Visit all the bowling alleys presented and enjoy the wonderful gameplay. Free dowlnoad Premium Bowling torrent  — impressive variety of scenery. Select your favorite music in the playlist. It is worth mentioning separately about the balls. This attribute is presented in the assortment, including specimens with special physics.

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CHIKARA Action Arcade Wrestling v1.0.8

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CHIKARA Action Arcade Wrestling — present to your attention a hot and dizzying fighting game where you can engage in such a spectacular sport as wrestling. The battles here are really exciting and hot, because during the battle you can pick up everything you can pick up in the arena. The uniqueness of the game lies in the huge variety of fighting techniques, because all of them are represented here about a thousand. There are also a lot of fighters who can be used in confrontation in arena.

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Headsnatchers v1.0 - PLAZA

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Headsnatchers is an atmospheric and very hardcore competitive game in which you will fight with friends in large arenas, pass tests, and do much, much more. There is no specific plot in this game, but there is an essence, and it consists in the abduction and destruction of the opponent’s head. Here you will play for an unusual creature with a head on, which can be removed or exchanged at any time. But that is not the point. The main thing is that here you will participate in various competitions and compete with other players playing for the same creatures. Well, the goal will always come down to the same thing — to win, and deprive the opponent of the head.

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WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship v1.3.0 + DLC - CODEX

Torrent WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship download free pc
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WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship is a continuation of the eponymous series of a racing simulator. The players have a unique opportunity to participate in the legendary championship, where the chances of winning depend on the cohesion of the team. Hire first-class navigators, sign contracts with technicians and enter into contracts with licensed brands of automotive parts. An important innovation was the realistic impact of the weather. Before you go on the road, you must consider the possible or precipitation. Whether it is snow, rain or hail, they will transform the road surface, which should affect the choice of tire type. Forecasts of the local weather service will help in the right decision.

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Lonely Mountains Downhill v1.0.1.2356.0060

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Lonely Mountains Downhill — is a bright and beautiful toy in which you will go down from various picturesque rocks somewhere down. The whole point is that you would fall as few times as possible, while you can choose your bike, and the one you have chosen can always be improved. The game is made using simple low-poly graphics, but this only gives it even more charm. You can play both by timer and in a quiet study mode. You can also choose your pace — either rush headlong, or ride quietly. A nice and uncomplicated toy that will help you relax.

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Race With Ryan v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Torrent Race With Ryan download free pc

Race With Ryan is a colorful racing arcade game that you can download to your child or little brother or sister via torrent on PC, or play it yourself. Based on the channel and characters of one of the most popular Ryan’s World youtuber children over 22 million subscribers, the developers from 3DClouds decided to make a worthy analogue of Mario Cart. Players will meet a bright world full of cute characters, a variety of cars and tracks, including a toy store, a pirate kingdom, a fantasy park and much more.

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DiRT Rally 2.0 v1.10 + DLC - CODEX

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DiRT Rally 2.0 is designed to continue the tradition of the eponymous series of rally simulators. At this time, gamemasters from Codemasters offer players a new quality of virtual rally: a new graphical shell, refined physics, genuine realism of what is happening on the roads, and much more. Get ready to continue your journey through the cult trails located in all corners of our planet. The games garage offers the user an unbelievable amount of powerful SUVs imaginable.

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Lethal League Blaze v1.16 + DLC - PLAZA

Torrent Lethal League Blaze download free pc
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Lethal League Blaze — an arcade game on a sports theme, where your main attribute will be the ball, with which you will break up the career ladder. Here you will have the opportunity to have a great time in the company of your friends, where you will gather a team of up to four people and go together to meet adventures. Moreover, there are a lot of exciting modes, where you also have a great time fighting against each other in teams. The gameplay is as dynamic as possible, so you definitely won’t be bored.

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Mutant Football League v20191031 + DLC - PLAZA

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Mutant Football League — a modern interpretation of the once popular game under the console Sega Genesis, dedicated to the theme of American football in a somewhat distorted form of reality. Well, although the meaning remained unchanged, the ball should be delivered to the end of the opponent’s field or to prevent the latter from breaking through to your territory, but how this will be achieved, the topic is separate. The game process is not disgusted dismemberment, the mass of corpses on the field and brutal heroes in the fantasy style.​

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