Gears Tactics Update 1 - CODEX

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Gears Tactics — is a top-down tactical strategy game in the futuristic universe of Gears of War. The game takes place 12 years before the events of the original series. You have to create your own squad, equip it with the best weapons and equipment and send it on a mission, during which the fighters will meet not only ordinary enemies, but also insanely strong bosses. Gears Tactics is a turn-based strategy developed by the guys who worked on Gears 5. Microsoft conceived the game as a way to expand the franchise beyond the console market, because they are not particularly played in strategy.

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Rebel Inc Escalation v0.7.0.1 - Early Access

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Here is a unique strategic simulator about politics and war from the creator of Plague Inc Evolved. In Rebel Inc Escalation, the war is «over» — but we all know that it doesn’t mean anything yet. To stabilize the state, you will have to find a balance between competing civilian and military interests in order to attract supporters and prevent the rebels from seizing power.

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Iratus Lord of the Dead v176.02 - CODEX

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Iratus Lord of the Dead — role-playing game project in the style of strategy, where this time you have to take the side of evil. You will assume the role of a terrible monster, and go to the destruction of the human world, doing everything possible to win. The first mission will give you an unusual gameplay and dynamic tests that will occur at almost every turn. Be attentive and try not to make mistakes, as they may bring adverse consequences.

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Rise of Industry 2130 v2.2.2.1205a - CODEX

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Rise of Industry 2130 — Year 2130. Your idyllic profit and loss world is in ruins. The endless capitalism of mankind and the destruction of decades gave birth to a dark and deserted world. Now you must build new, technologically advanced production lines and extract resources from the fallen cities, as you look, in order to restore your industrial one.

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Crossroads Inn v2.5.2 (The Pit) - CODEX

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Crossroads Inn — is a very realistic tavern simulator in which you will have to build a tavern, become its full owner, and do everything so that it lives and makes a profit. The game takes place in a fantasy universe called Delcris. It is there that you will go in search of adventure and wealth. But you will not have to deal with the adventures themselves or some difficult tasks related to finding monsters. Here you will find something more — here you play the role of a businessman, the owner of a tavern. And do not think that it will be easy — in fact, owning a tavern is not so simple. Firstly, the world pose with the walls of the tavern will live its own life, and you will have to adapt to it. Secondly, it will be necessary to engage in economics and do everything so that the tavern brings money. Well, and thirdly, it’s also necessary to maintain a balance, in particular, between love for different factions that are at war with each other.

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ABSOLUTE — is a logic and strategy game developed by Ladder Games for the PC platform. The style of the game, unfortunately, is not defined, indie, casual game, puzzle, classic, first-person, single-player, strategy, research. By the way, in ABSOLUTE you will find a huge number of puzzles, various puzzles, heaps of mechanisms and objects, the interaction with which will help you move on and get closer to the end of the game, and much more. Solve problems based on the management of devices and mechanisms, and try to find out what kind of building it is.

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Filament v20200512 - CODEX

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In a game Filament — you will need these very qualities. Here you can take on the role of a simple girl named Juniper, who turned out to be the last surviving crew member of a dilapidated space ship. It so happened that their team went to an unknown planet, but only she survived. All she has to do is explore the spaceship’s compartments and think about how to restore energy supply in order to have a chance to return to her homeland.

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Rise of Industry v2.2.2.1205a - CODEX

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Rise of Industry — a new game project in the genre of strategy in combination with a simulator, which relates to the subject of management. Here you need to invest all your strength and capabilities in the development of your own industrial empire from beginning to end. The gameplay will be quite difficult, but you can easily deal with management. Your main task will be the construction of functioning plants, the establishment of supply lines, as well as the improvement of trade between other points.

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Crossroads Inn The Pit v2.5.2 - CODEX

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Crossroads Inn The Pit — is the second major expansion for Crossroads Inn that allows you to run an illegal business and gives you new options for expanding your hotel now your barn, warehouse, guest rooms and even the entire hotel can be built underground. And what is underground is not always visible to city authorities and security guards. Build a special underground arena and organize illegal fist fights. You will earn gold by betting guests will bet on the results of underground tournaments. Get ingredients available only on the black market, including griffon eggs and daer meat, to serve new exclusive dishes. You will plant new plants banned medicinal herbs and medicinal plants.

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Stellaris Federations v2.7.1 - CODEX

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The main innovations of the Stellaris Federations DLC were an in-depth diplomacy system, a galactic community that will vote on a variety of issues and promote a particular point of view, and a new system of the origin of civilizations that affects the starting conditions. Also, players are waiting for new opportunities for construction. The Juggernaut mobile space base can repair damaged ships even on enemy territory, and the mega-shipyard is designed for the rapid production of entire fleets.

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