Spy Tactics v1.1 - PLAZA

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Spy Tactics is a mixture of turn-based strategy game for PC, puzzle and action games where players are invited to play the role of a spy who performs the most dangerous and challenging tasks on protected objects. The game plot revolves around a spy, a secret agent who is entrusted with the most dangerous and complex missions to eliminate dangerous objects, kill bosses and criminal authorities, search for stolen relics and more. In his role, you will have to complete tasks and eliminate opponents, while using mostly stealth mechanics.

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60 Seconds Reatomized v1.0.377 - PLAZA

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60 Seconds Reatomized is a strategic game project in the genre of survival, which is again ready to immerse its user in an amazing adventure. Here you will assume the role of the head of a small family, who intends to do everything possible in order to survive after a nuclear catastrophe. This time, the story will show you the consequences of the events of the first part, which means that you will again have to face fascinating, but rather dangerous tasks. The main thing in the game is to plan your actions correctly, because the outcome of events will directly depend on them.

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Mighty Switch Force Collection v1.0 - TiNYiSO

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Mighty Switch Force Collection — get fun with four games in one! As a cybernetic peacekeeping officer Patricia Wagon, you will use your platforming skills, puzzle solving skills, and a special level-changing Siren Helmet to protect the people of Planet Earth and defeat enemies on the screen. In the download Mighty Switch Force torrent you will kill enemies by switching blocks from the foreground to the background and vice versa, tracking down hooligan offenders at each stage. The collection includes all the previously released series of the game, and therefore the future of a carefree law enforcement is in your hands.
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Project Hospital v1.1.16587.2

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Project Hospital is a simulator of its own hospital. Build and equip a hospital, making it not only the best in the city, but throughout the world. Of course, you will find a difficult path that requires attention even to minor details. Hire the best specialists, diagnose diseases in the early stages, solve medical puzzles, buy the most modern equipment to treat all types of diseases. Work with insurance companies to make big profits. The higher your budget, the more opportunities to improve your hospital. Build your hospital, hire good doctors and attract clients in all possible ways. Work with insurance companies to increase your profits. Develop a hospital by purchasing the right equipment and hiring qualified doctors. By purchasing new equipment, you can much easier to diagnose even complex cases of various diseases. Make your hospital the best in the world.

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Seeds of Resilience v1.0.11 (upd.03.08.2019)

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Seeds of Resilience — combines a turn-based strategy and a sandbox in which you will survive and build a village on a small island. Walk the path from a simple gathering of campfire branches, to mechanized workshops and complex large houses. You will find a difficult path, but thanks to the step-by-step gameplay, you will be able to think through every step. Seeds of Resilience deserves your attention if only because of an unusual combination of genres.

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Warhammer 40000 Mechanicus Augment v1.2.7 - CODEX

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Warhammer 40000 Mechanicus — a huge universe, which again is ready to take you into its unusual atmosphere. The project is a great representative of the strategy genre, whose actions take place in real time. This time you will take the side of the powerful faction, which is necessary to lead to victory, thereby ensuring its galactic sovereignty. To achieve a positive effect in the goal will be very difficult, so you should be ready for unexpected surprises, and for the mass of trials that constantly arise on the way. It is necessary to act as quickly as possible, as well as to focus on a favorable result, in order to gain victory in the end. You will go through dozens of difficulties and trials, improving your skills and combat abilities.

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Celestial Command v0.8921 - SKIDROW

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Celestial Command is a simple 2D sandbox, where you will conquer vast cosmic spaces. Here you will have complete freedom of action. Take care of the creatures of huge and small spaceships, as well as powerful fleets that will conquer the world of the universe. Try to make a special emphasis on the armament of ships, since there are a lot of ill-wishers and insidious monsters in the world who are capable of destroying everything that you created with such difficulty in two accounts. The game world can be generated randomly, where all objects will act in their own way. Explore each location, find interesting planets and get useful resources that will help in creating the next technical masterpiece. Catch piracy by robbing merchant ships and making your career in dark light. This will allow you to easily obtain the necessary items and replenish your supply of resources.

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Wargroove v1.3.0 (upd.02.08.2019)

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Wargroove — an exciting strategy in which you have to go to the fantasy world, crowded with enemies and friends, magic and magic, mysticism and adventure. According to the plot, the kingdom of Cherristoun lived in peace and positive for a long time, but suddenly something happened — the war began, in which the inhabitants of the kingdom began to die. Queen Mercia was forced to flee from her castle to go to uncharted lands and ask for help there. But the journey will not be easy, in it you just have to accompany the queen.

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Overcrowd A Commute Em Up v0.102.111

Torrent Overcrowd A Commute Em Up download free pc
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Overcrowd A Commute Em Up is a very difficult strategy, which is a subway station simulator. You will have to lead the whole station and try to make it attractive to ordinary people. Initially, you will receive only a small piece of land, on which you will eventually need to build a real metro station. We will have to start from scratch — we will need to design the building, divide it into rooms, buy all the necessary equipment, run the train through the station and buy passenger cars, and do much more. In this case, all you will need bonds of the local currency, which is not so easy to earn.

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Thea 2 The Shattering v1.0 Build 0555 (upd.02.08.2019) - CODEX

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Thea 2 The Shattering is a continuation of an exciting and dynamic strategy, where elements of the RPG genre have also successfully found their place. The combat system here is based on a card interaction, where each deck has unique combat characteristics. Here you have to go to a distant fantastic country and conquer it with your tactical skills, fighting your opponent outright. The atmosphere of the game is based on Slavic mythology, so there is an interesting plot line here. You will assume the role of one of the powerful gods, who took into his army the chosen heroes and tried to survive in the lands of Thea.

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