Divinity Original Sin 2 torrent download
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Divinity Original Sin 2 — this game represents the genre of RPG, the action of which takes place in a fictional or fantasy world. To begin with, you will have to choose the main character for yourself, and it is worth considering that the choice has a significant influence on the course of the game. Each character has its own prehistory, as well as special skills. You can choose a character from different classes, for example, a fighter, a cleric, a combat mage, and so on.
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Phantom Doctrine torrent download
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Phantom Doctrine — a dynamic game presented to the world in the genre of action, which will allow you to fully show your skills as a strategist. You find yourself in an alternate reality, namely in the past, which occurs throughout 1983. It was these years that brought the Cold War to earth, from which humanity suffered longing and grief. Here you have to take on a rather complex role playing — the role of the leader of a certain «Kabala», which implies a very secret
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