Endzone A World Apart v0.7.7488

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Endzone A World Apart is an economic strategy based on a post-apocalyptic vision of the future. Belongs to the urban planning genre. When in 2021, terrorists blew up nuclear reactors around the world, human civilization fell apart. Only a few survived who managed to get to the underground shelters of Enzona. Only after 150 years, mankind dared to surface, having changed as a result of a nuclear disaster. Players take on the role of leader of the survivors, and their task is to create a well-functioning settlement. At any time we may be forced to make decisions that will determine the life or death of the settlers.

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Deadly Days v1.4.3.2

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The game Deadly Days, which you can download torrent on the site, is a unique simulator of survival in the setting of the zombie apocalypse. Being a leader of the survivors of the apocalypse is a difficult task. Your wards regularly go out in search of spare parts and parts that will help strengthen your base. Watch out for their safety. For example, send a demoman who can easily do away with a squad of enemies who decide to attack your group of survivors. Or equip your heroes with weapons and give the doctor the task to handle injuries and injuries on time. Can you survive in such conditions. Remember, if nothing else helps, you can launch a nuclear attack that will erase all life from the face of the earth.

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Leisure Suit Larry Wet Dreams Dont Dry v1.2.0 (upd.07.11.2019) - CODEX

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Leisure Suit Larry Wet Dreams Dont Dry — this is a cool adventure arcade with a quest and a pick-up simulator in which you have to seduce women and do everything to win the heart of one of the most famous beauties of this fantasy world. So, you have to play for a man named Larry, the Lovelace, who suddenly turned out to be instead of his 80s in modern times. It would seem that nothing terrible, but no — he was met by the assistant boss of one of the most influential mega corporations, and now he wants to seduce her at any cost and win her heart.

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SWINE HD Remaster Update v1.4.1731 - CODEX

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SWINE HD Remaster is a fun strategy game in which we participate in a conflict between two warring races: pigs and rabbits. Production is an updated version of the game in 2001 and offers some interesting ideas in the field of game mechanics. The updated edition of this name was developed and published by the Hungarian company Kite Games, founded by several developers from the studio StormRegion, that is, the people who once created the original version, the publisher of this game was no longer Fishtank Interactive.

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Pizza Connection 3 upd.18.03.2019 (Fatman Update) - PLAZA

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The legendary economic simulator pizzeria manager returns. Meet, Pizza Connection 3 — a game that will allow you to create the perfect pizza! You have to go through a really difficult and thorny path, starting with an ordinary baker from Italy, ending with the owner of a large pizzeria chain, which has restaurants in every corner of the globe. The famous pizza designer will allow you to create the best dish in the world.

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