Railroad Corporation v1.1.11261 - CODEX

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Railroad Corporation is a simulation game where you take on the role of a railroad manager. First you need to draw up a plan of action and build railways. To achieve a positive result will not be easy, because here you need to take into account the mass of details. You will go to a completely new world that needs prosperity, and you can help him in this. You definitely should not relax, as you should always be ready to face unexpected turns of events, problems and trials. You have the opportunity to create from scratch the largest railroad empire.

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Radical Relocation v1.3.1 (demo)

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Radical Relocation — a skillful physical game in which you try to collect all your things on top of your car, and then transport them to your new home. Paying carriers to transport things is too expensive for you. So why not do it yourself. Radical Relocation allows you to transport all your belongings on top of your car, without even tying their rope because it also costs money. Radical Relocation has two distinct phases: the editing phase and the driving phase. At the editing stage, you try to fold all the objects on your car as accurately as possible. At the first levels, things are easy to fold, since, basically, they will consist of boxes and suitcases, but soon this task becomes very difficult, because among the things you need to transport, surfboards.

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Pax Nova v1.0.1 - PLAZA

Torrent Pax Nova download free pc
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Pax Nova — humanity is gradually developing and growing, which causes many problems that gradually develop into military conflicts. Under the conditions of the new game, mankind could not prevent the ecological catastrophe of the post-war time and people were forced to go into space in order to find a completely new place for living. And if you are ready to help them, then the game Pax Nova will help with this, will send you to conquer new spaces. But one should not rush to conclusions, since not only mankind will be available to you, but also other factions, in the total amount that reach the figure of 15 pieces. What will be your choice, whether you will cope with the assigned duties. Or just prefer to stay away.

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Circle Empires Rivals v2.0.20 - PLAZA

Torrent Circle Empires Rivals download free pc
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Circle Empires Rivals — a new part of an unusual real-time strategy that turns a game location into intersecting circles, in each of which you can find prey. The novelty receives several multiplayer modes and 40 bosses. The tiny, nameless kingdom is not only unusually located, but also has strange principles of governance. To begin with, the state stands either on upturned buckets, or on the stumps of felled trees, or on the tops of mountains that cut snow-white clouds with their peaks. The main thing is that there is a kingdom, but it is ruled by a god-like being who dreams of becoming an omnipotent deity.

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Oriental Empires Three Kingdoms v20200518 - CODEX

Torrent Oriental Empires Three Kingdoms download free pc
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Oriental Empires Three Kingdoms — real-time strategy. The plot takes place in ancient China, when these lands were just beginning to develop, a story was born. You must choose one of 24 fractions, each of which has unique units, buildings, weaknesses and pluses. At the beginning of the journey, you can take control of a small settlement or tribe that you can develop by extracting useful materials, hiring warriors and capturing weaker camps. In addition to attacks, you can solve all matters diplomatically, choosing the right remarks and trying to please another participant in the conversation.

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Oriental Empires v20200518 - CODEX

Torrent Oriental Empires download free pc
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Oriental Empires is perfect for pastime gamers dealing with two parts of Shogun Total War. Before you is a typical TBS with an emphasis on the history associated with the formation of Ancient China. Initially, the user will have nothing — a small settlement, some money and the desire to turn the notorious settlement into something huge, large-scale and, importantly, strong. The game is rich in warring parties: there are about 16 factions, one of which the user can take leadership. It is noteworthy that each of the factions represented has a number of unique features inherent exclusively to it. However, this is true for the weaknesses of a particular community, which is worth paying attention first.

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Shortest Trip to Earth v1.2.3 + DLC - PLAZA

Torrent Shortest Trip to Earth download free pc
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Shortest Trip to Earth is a fascinating simulator of control of a spacecraft, in which you will have to take part in an intergalactic war and build such a ship that even whole armies of the enemy cannot withstand. A huge open space in which you can travel for your pleasure, a sea of tasks and missions, improvement modules and much more await you. Embark on the most epic journey in your life and become the captain of a space vessel that can destroy dozens of enemy ships. Moreover, you will have everything you need for this. Travel, fight with numerous enemies, equip your ship with the latest technology, and do in Shortest Trip to Earth everything that a real captain is required to do.

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Still There v1.0 - SiMPLEX

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Still There — do you want to explore space and try on the role of a technician who is entrusted with troubleshooting on board a spacecraft and satellites? Then you need to download the game Still There torrent and test your strengths in outer space. You have to complete a rather difficult task, which will take a lot of time. You have high hopes, and there is nobody to help you. Beware of various cosmic phenomena that may interfere with your task. You will need to repair the satellite using all possible resources. Where to get them? Collect space debris that will fly near you — it can be disassembled, recycled and used as repair materials. You have to solve a lot of logic puzzles that require special care and concentration.

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Stars in Shadow v38647 (Legacies DLC) - CODEX

Torrent Stars in Shadow download free pc
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Stars in Shadow is a computer game, created especially for those people who cannot afford too expensive personal computer, in order to get entertainment, something similar to this project, namely No Man’s Sky. Also, as in the open spaces of this project, you will need to study to the fullest the exploration of distant planets, the number of which is simply impossible to count on fingers, because the developers have made a separate system, thanks to which the planets are generated in real time and this allows you to enjoy Studies of literally each of them, since they will all be equally beautifully presented, thanks to the fact that the creators approached this with incredible creativity.

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Headsnatchers v1.0 - PLAZA

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Headsnatchers is an atmospheric and very hardcore competitive game in which you will fight with friends in large arenas, pass tests, and do much, much more. There is no specific plot in this game, but there is an essence, and it consists in the abduction and destruction of the opponent’s head. Here you will play for an unusual creature with a head on, which can be removed or exchanged at any time. But that is not the point. The main thing is that here you will participate in various competitions and compete with other players playing for the same creatures. Well, the goal will always come down to the same thing — to win, and deprive the opponent of the head.

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