Dude Simulator 3 v1.0

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Dude Simulator 3 is a great way to have fun. In a huge sandbox, you can create any mess in the image of a cheeky, brave guy. Open the door and go to this world, it is not necessary to play by its rules. The third part of the popular project. This time, the occasion of your adventures was the birthday of a friend. Which must certainly be congratulated. Dude Simulator 3 tells how fun life can be. You go to another city to please you with a present for your friend’s holiday and a lot of surprises await you on the way. This cool dude simulator justifies its name.
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Great Toilet Simulator v1.0 - DARKZER0

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Great Toilet Simulator — A realistic simulator of visiting the restroom. You are invited to a large party in the house where you are offered a number of different alcoholic drinks, and after drinking quite a lot, you usually need to visit the restroom. If you are a lover of good relief, and, say, you have constipation now, then this game is designed just for you, as well as for all those for whom this is the most favorite pastime in life. Do not be shy, because everyone does it, even the most beautiful girls from glossy magazines, yes yes, now live with it.
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Homeless Simulator v24.04.2019 - SKIDROW

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Homeless Simulator is a simulator game where you take on a rather unusual role. Here you have to completely take control of the life of a homeless person who is forced to cope with not the most pleasant surprises of fate. From this moment your struggle for life begins, where there is a dangerous world and rivals. Homeless people received such a title for a variety of reasons: someone had a conflict on the side of the family, someone lost all the money in slot machines, and someone said goodbye to good health.
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Creature Hunt v17.04.2019

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Creature Hunt — An exciting adventure game with elements of horror, where the topic of searching and hunting for strange creatures is touched. According to some articles in the local press, a few days ago several dead bodies of tourists were found in the forests of North Carolina. Yesterday, another tourist said that he saw a beast there, and he had nothing to do with any of the known species. You must play for the sister of one of those who was killed. Your home is in those forests, and you are going to hunt down and kill the beast.
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Grand Dude Simulator v18.03.2019

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Grand Dude Simulator is a sandbox without any tasks or plot. You are free to do whatever you want. Just have fun! Explore the city, look for money, buy weapons, arrange an apocalypse for residents! Or just walk in the park, enjoying the views of flowers. The game is a life simulator, and here players will be able to express their desires, there are practically no restrictions. The main thing you need to do when starting the passage is to enjoy all that is happening. You are not limited in your actions, and you can perform even the most insane acts. But remember, as in real life, everything you do will end up with consequences.
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