Whispers of a Machine - SKIDROW

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Whispers of a Machine events occur in the near future, where, due to the tragic events of the past, it is forbidden to use artificial intelligence. But everything is far from being so simple, the ardent supporters of the AI have remained, they are ready to spend all their efforts to restore the once great system to full control and worship it as the deity of the new world.

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Kingdom Two Crowns v1.0.3 - SKIDROW

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Kingdom Two Crowns is a unique in its performance game that will send you to the field of action, where you will become a participant in an unusual adventure. Fundamental gameplay can be noted cooperative passage, which will allow you to have a great time in the company of your friends, conquering this open and colorful world. Users will do their best to develop the kingdom for the better, as well as perform a variety of missions that will bring additional bonuses. You have to do everything you can to take success into your own hands. You can ask for help from others, or help the monarchs who need it.

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Bad North v1.07 (upd.24.01.2019) - SiMPLEX

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Bad North is an action simulator game where tactical interaction between heroes and enemies is the basis of the gameplay. You will take control of a sufficiently large-scale civilization, trying with all your might to bring it to prosperity and at the same time destroying a huge number of detractors. Here you have to get acquainted with the culture and interests of the northern people, which you must lead to victory and domination. Enemies will be more than enough, and they will occur not only in the neighboring civilizations, but also inside yours, creating rebellious campaigns. Lead your powerful army, trying in every way to improve it, in order to take possession of as much land as possible.

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