Cartel Tycoon v0.5.1.276

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Cartel Tycoon — you find yourself in the fictional Latin America of the 80s, when the whole world was swept by a cocaine wave. And you are one of those people who are engaged in the development of their drug empire. Establish logistics between farms, laboratories, warehouses, workshops, research centers, distribution and supply routes. Take control of neighboring regions and discover many development paths and strategies. In addition, you should be aware of the threat posed by the authorities and competitors. Authorities, competitors, UBNs, armed forces, and even the CIA all threaten your business.

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Waking v1.0 - HOODLUM

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Waking — a gloomy adventure action, the action of which takes place in the head of the protagonist, who is in a coma. He must confront his inner demons and travel the winding paths of his mind in search of awakening. A third-person exploration of the world is combined with meditation techniques, which creates a new type of gaming experience at the junction of reflection, emotions and memory. At first glance, the project is not much different from the genre picture. During the game, we overcome vast, unusual locations, solve spatial puzzles and fight enemies using various telekinetic attacks that allow you to deal damage from a distance.

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Hello Guest v1.0.2 Alpha

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The Hello Guest — prototype is the second incomplete game posted by developers not on Steam or Epic Games. The game takes place in the Golden Apple amusement park. This is proved by the broken inscription above the entrance gate. The game ends in a good or bad ending. In the first one, you just need to fall into a neighbor every time in night shifts. In the end, you can see how the Neighbor explodes one of the walls of the amusement park. In the second, it is necessary, having fulfilled certain conditions, to activate the lever in a small booth near the attraction with missiles. After activating the lever, the attraction will work and one of the missiles will break through the park wall. Behind the wall there was a weather station, after which the window lights up after the destruction of the wall and the prototype of the game ends.

This game has been updated 16-06-2020, 16:51 to the latest version v1.0.2 Alpha.

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Not For Broadcast v2020.3.4a

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Not For Broadcast is a propaganda simulator in which you have to control what will be broadcast on the channel and what not. The game takes place in the alternative 1980s, when a radical government comes to power. You will become part of the Evening News team and will quickly censor live broadcasts: choose convenient camera angles, turn on advertising, and drown out curses. However, there is another option: the news can be shown without cuts, thereby revealing the truth to the world.

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Black Skylands v04.05.2020 (demo)

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Black Skylands — role-playing action in which you need to become the captain of the airship, trying to find a place full of resources. The reason for the search is simple — the Earth has turned into thousands of heavenly islands, where residents are fighting for free territories and resources. There will be battles both in the sky and on land, exploration of the world, 100 types of weapons, skills and abilities, ship improvement, special techniques and more than 50 islands with various biomes. In the game you have to take control not just anybody, but the captain of the whole airship. You will have to surf the heavenly expanses for a very definite purpose in the world of Black Skylands, the main interest is the semi-mythical heavenly lands, which are a kind of analogue of Eden, and it is their players who are to be found.

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Mayhem in Single Valley Confessions v1.0

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Mayhem in Single Valley Confessions — is a simple pixel story with a complicated storyline. Here the main character is named Jack, and his peculiarity is that he does not even know about that. that lives not an ordinary life, but is a character in a computer game. As for me, not a single character guesses, but there is a special emphasis on this, because Jack is beginning to suspect something. You and Jack will try to understand who he is and what led him into such unusual life situations. Soon you will figure it out with him, find out that Jack has developers, try to establish contact with them. Is ordinary life possible for Jack.

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Streets of Rogue v89c (upd.30.04.2020) Collectors Edition - PLAZA

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Streets of Rogue — a bagel in the power of the games since the 80s and 90s. The main focus of the game is on building an action plan and a strategic component. From your choice will depend on the development and outcome of events. You have to constantly develop and improve the skills of your heroes, thereby providing them with powerful weapons and equipment. Watch out for the combat training of your characters, as well as their state of health. You find yourself in the dark and full of dangers proud, which is fraught with many mysteries covered in darkness.

This game has been updated 2-07-2020, 04:15 to the latest version v89c (upd.30.04.2020) Collectors Edition.

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Kill It With Fire v29.04.2020 (demo)

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Kill It With Fire — an action in which the player is engaged in the destruction of spiders in the house. For your purposes, you can use various weapons, fire, objects and elements of the environment. In the process of hunting, the home itself often suffers, which breaks down from the player’s actions. For hunting, a special sensor for tracking arachnids is used, since they like to hide in the darkest corners. To defeat the spider, you need to curb its main weakness is fire. Or bullets. Or explosions. Or shurikens. Or anything else. In addition, the spider must first be found. For this, a unique arachnid tracking sensor technology was invented. Spiders can hide everywhere: under a vase, behind a TV, in a closet, with neighbors, outside of time and space.

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Totally Reliable Delivery Service v1.1043 (Deluxe Edition) - PLAZA

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Totally Reliable Delivery Service — a rather unusual chaotic game in the sandbox genre, where your main task will be to deliver all kinds of packages on extraordinary modes of transport. It is best to play in multiplayer mode, where you, together with your real opponents, will deliver packages to their destination. But just how to deliver the right product quickly and correctly. In the Totally Reliable Delivery Service, you will need cars. You can use mini-vans, golf cars, and also helicopters with such transport in the process of package delivery. The timer is already running, so you need to deliver the package as soon as possible.

This game has been updated 20-04-2020, 16:17 to the latest version v1.1043 (Deluxe Edition).

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Hellpoint — is a sci-fi RPG with a dark story and complex combat system, the events of which are developing on the Irid Novo space station. Due to the terrible anomaly, all crew members turned into terrible monsters from other worlds, but the main character managed to survive and now he has to get out alive from this terrible place. Third-person role-playing action in a fantastic setting. The game takes place in the future at the Irid Novo space station, which in real time revolves around a black hole. Her that terrible anomalies occur at the station. Crew members for inexplicable reasons merged with alternative versions of themselves from other worlds, as a result of which they turned into bloodthirsty monsters. The main character, due to an anomaly, on the contrary became like a knight and now has to figure out how to stop all the madness at the station.

This game Hellpoint will soon be available for download on Skidrow Games PC website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.
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