Caves of Qud v2.0.189.0 - GOG

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Caves of Qud is a fascinating and interesting «bagel» with text graphics, in which the player is mainly invited to play in the world after the apocalypse. You are waiting for battles with opponents, craft, weapons and much more. Well, it’s worth starting with the fact that the graphics in this game are really textual. Here you will not see realistic characters or beautiful animation, as you will not see and high detail. But the game as a whole is very diverse and is able to give at least a dozen of the most interesting game hours. Here you will be able to make war and heartily, and fight with numerous opponents, and build something, and even create a perfect being from your hero, mutated into different creatures as you progress through the storyline.

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Automation The Car Company Tycoon Game v190807

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Automation The Car Company Tycoon Game is an inherently unique car simulation simulator in which you can become the owner of an entire car company and create the cars you dreamed about. The whole essence of this game is to create cars. You will not just tune existing models, but generally create everything from scratch. Take an existing car model and change it beyond recognition, or create a car according to your own drawings, setting up internal and external parameters.

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BeamNG drive v0.17.0.2 - SKIDROW

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BeamNG drive — a game created in the style of racing, where you will not have any restrictions. But not everything is so simple. The fact is that the foundation here is based on the physics of actions, because every collision of your car with any obstacle will significantly affect its external and internal state. The damage model is made very realistic. You can not find the plot line here, but you will have complete freedom: go where you want and do what you want. Before your choice will be a variety of types of cars that you can experience on all sorts of racing tracks. Your main task will be to break the iron horses, pushing them into different stones, trees and knowledge. The graphics are simple enough, but very realistic. Explore the huge world, rummage through the various locations and smash everything as much as you want.​

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Stranded Deep v0.60.01 - SKIDROW

Torrent Stranded Deep download free pc
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Stranded Deep — a game on the theme of survival in an open, ever-changing world. Here you have to go to the island, where you will live your days, every minute for fear of life. The environment is your main enemy. Whether you are hungry, in a state of thirst, wet or stricken — these are all the consequences of a wild nature that is not entirely good-natured towards you. Here you need to create a safe haven, which will stand against various natural disasters. Here there is not only a constant change of weather conditions, but a change of day and night, which also prepared for you a couple of not very pleasant surprises. Physics and graphics here are developed at the highest level, which perfectly complements the cool atmosphere of the game. You must go to explore the world, taking with you a weapon. Do fishing and hunting to get your own food. But do not forget that there are many dangers on the island, including wild animals.

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Basement v0.7.8 - SKIDROW

Torrent Basement download free pc
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Basement is a popular game whose plot is as close as possible to the history of the cult series called Breaking Bad. Here you have to play for the brilliant chemist who knows a lot about what he does. But everything would be fine if you did not get sick with a terrible disease called cancer. Now you, whatever it is, need to find a way to create the necessary medicine that can cure you of this disease. Your hero was denied financing, so he decides to take a simpler, but very risky way. He alone will be able to earn the necessary amount of money. To do this, he creates a secret laboratory for the production of all kinds of chemicals. You need to be as careful as possible, because at any time a check may come unexpectedly and your entire plan will fail.

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Order of Battle World War 2 v8.1.0 - PLAZA

Torrent Order of Battle World War 2 download free pc
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Order of Battle World War 2 is a tactical military strategy in which you will have to plunge into war, become commander-in-chief and lead the army’s attack on opponents, for whatever country you decide to play. Highly detailed terrain and surroundings, rich animation of everything happening on the screen, user-friendly interface, an unimaginable number of units and gameplay features — all this is not a complete list of what this game can boast. Here you can fully experience the atmosphere of the Second World War and feel like a real commander in chief.

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Vagante v1.05.2

Torrent Vagante download free pc
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Vagante — playing which was clearly invented for those who can not live without any difficulties. Can you accept any, even the most dangerous challenge, which fate has prepared for you? Can you overcome a huge number of the most difficult challenges and still save your life? If yes, then you can safely download this project to your computer, and then enjoy an unforgettable and fun gameplay. Dying will have quite a lot and often, because to complete the levels from beginning to end, you will have to learn the numerous skills and characteristics of our main character, and not just learn, but memorize.

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Universe Sandbox 2 Update 23.0.2 - SKIDROW

Torrent Universe Sandbox 2 download free pc
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Universe Sandbox 2 is a solar system sandbox simulator. In fact, this game is an excellent educational tool in which the player can change almost any parameters of the solar system. This approach not only attracts, but also clearly demonstrates how balanced our solar system is. What will happen to the Earth if you remove the moon? What if the sun goes out? How does our planet behave, if you change its orbit? Or maybe you want to push the asteroid Apophis to the Earth? This game allows you to simulate hundreds of different options and clearly observe it. This approach allows for the shortest time to understand many physical principles and get great pleasure from it.

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Train Valley v1.2

Torrent Train Valley download free pc
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Train Valley is a high-quality game project, executed in the form of a railway simulator. You will not only create a route for your trains, but also expand the boundaries of your possessions, conquering more and more land. Moreover, you need to take under your total control and infrastructure development at stations and depots. For a start, start building paths from one point to another, and then make a web all over the world so that all passengers travel comfortably to their destination, and the cargo is just in time at a certain receiving point. You are waiting for a huge world that has prepared a lot of exciting missions and interesting tasks that will not be so easy to perform. Lay railway tracks, connecting the largest cities and megalopolises, so that there are more passengers, as well as the number of orders for cargo transportation.

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Underrail Expedition v1.1.0.9 - GOG

Torrent Underrail Expedition download free pc
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Underrail Expedition is a great role-playing action game with a view from above, in which you will have to go to the world of an alternative future, where people have long been living not on the surface of the planet, in deep underground, in underground communications, subways and improvised caves. The game’s plot revolves around an extensive system of subway tunnels. Here are the last pockets of the human race. Now the stations have been turned into cities, and the people in them live according to the laws of wild nature — the one who is stronger is right. You will play just the same for one of these residents of the «subway». You are waiting for travel through endless tunnels, underground cities, meeting with different characters, battles with mutants and monsters, and much more.

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