Rocket League v1.61 + 30 DLC + Offline Unlocker - PLAZA

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Rocket League is a sport racing simulator in which, by controlling various cars, you will try to score a huge ball into the opponent’s goal. In front of you is a football field, in which there are several participants (depending on the game mode), usually this is three by three. Your task — to poke a car with a car into the opponent’s goal. This will also be occupied by the opposing team. By the end of the match, the winner will be the one who scores most goals into the opponent’s goal. The Rocket League game offers an interesting concept of football and racing simulator. In general, the idea is implemented perfectly: you drive under the winding music and perform dizzying stunts at frantic speeds.

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Vagante v1.043.0

Vagante torrent download
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Vagante — playing which was clearly invented for those who can not live without any difficulties. Can you accept any, even the most dangerous challenge, which fate has prepared for you? Can you overcome a huge number of the most difficult challenges and still save your life? If yes, then you can safely download this project to your computer, and then enjoy an unforgettable and fun gameplay. Dying will have quite a lot and often, because to complete the levels from beginning to end, you will have to learn the numerous skills and characteristics of our main character, and not just learn, but memorize.

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Barony v09.04.2019

Barony torrent download
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Barony is a first-person bagel plunging us into eerie and dangerous dungeons. This game is primarily loved by fans of the old school. Here you will find «primitive» graphics in the best traditions of such RPGs as: Ultima Underworld, System Shock, & Daggerfall. Go to the dungeons to go through the storyline. Explore every corner, because the developers have left many secrets and various easter eggs. The main task for the player will be the destruction of the evil Harrow Herx, who terrorizes the city of Hamlet. Harrow is hiding in the dungeon, your task is to find and kill him.

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Broforce v904.20190412

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BroForce is a furious pixel 2D shooter in which you will manage famous heroes of action films of the 80s-90s. Completely destroying the world, the possibility of passing together, changing the hero right on the level, the cool effects of explosions and destruction, a lot of enemies and various bosses — all this will create an incredible atmosphere of a great retro shooter. Each hero has his own arsenal, which changes the gameplay. Each time you free a hero from captivity, you change places with him and continue to follow the new hero. All this is constantly diversifying the game creating a frantic pace and action. A completely destructible world allows you to use the craziest tactics, but do not forget that you can destroy the world in such a way that you can’t pass it.

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Universe Sandbox 2 Update 22.2 - SKIDROW

Universe Sandbox 2 torrent download
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Universe Sandbox 2 is a solar system sandbox simulator. In fact, this game is an excellent educational tool in which the player can change almost any parameters of the solar system. This approach not only attracts, but also clearly demonstrates how balanced our solar system is. What will happen to the Earth if you remove the moon? What if the sun goes out? How does our planet behave, if you change its orbit? Or maybe you want to push the asteroid Apophis to the Earth? This game allows you to simulate hundreds of different options and clearly observe it. This approach allows for the shortest time to understand many physical principles and get great pleasure from it.

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Automation The Car Company Tycoon Game v190321

Automation The Car Company Tycoon Game torrent download
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Automation The Car Company Tycoon Game is an inherently unique car simulation simulator in which you can become the owner of an entire car company and create the cars you dreamed about. The whole essence of this game is to create cars. You will not just tune existing models, but generally create everything from scratch. Take an existing car model and change it beyond recognition, or create a car according to your own drawings, setting up internal and external parameters.

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Timeflow Time and Money Simulator v1.7.5

Timeflow Time and Money Simulator torrent download
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Timeflow Time and money simulator — this is a very unusual simulator with an admixture of a sandbox. His main feature is that he can teach you time management and investment, even in virtual reality. The most interesting thing is that at your disposal will be the time itself, which you will distribute between the affairs as you see fit. But it all starts in a small way — first you have to create a character. Using the available tools, and then also to determine its main characteristics, interests, hobbies, etc. But then life begins, full of movement, tasks, goals, and not only.

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Basement v0.7.6 - SKIDROW

Basement torrent download
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Basement is a popular game whose plot is as close as possible to the history of the cult series called Breaking Bad. Here you have to play for the brilliant chemist who knows a lot about what he does. But everything would be fine if you did not get sick with a terrible disease called cancer. Now you, whatever it is, need to find a way to create the necessary medicine that can cure you of this disease. Your hero was denied financing, so he decides to take a simpler, but very risky way. He alone will be able to earn the necessary amount of money. To do this, he creates a secret laboratory for the production of all kinds of chemicals. You need to be as careful as possible, because at any time a check may come unexpectedly and your entire plan will fail.

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Medieval Engineers v0. - SKIDROW

Medieval Engineers torrent download
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Medieval Engineers is a sandbox game where you go to the distant Middle Ages to fulfill an important mission. You will act as a design engineer who will be engaged in the creation of various kinds of designs from parts that were available at that time. This suggests that it will not be easy. Support the work of architects and make sure that your work uses only modern technology. You will invent mechanical devices and bring your ideas to life. Build entire cities, and then take care of their mount and arrangement. Also, you will be engaged in landscape design and improve your skills in various fields of activity. At your disposal a whole world that is full of possibilities. The developers have tried to use the laws of physics here, and here there is a place for a strategy that you need to think carefully about.

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Reassembly v29.03.2019

Reassembly torrent download
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Reassembly — a new game in the sandbox genre, where you will go on an incredible adventure, gradually exploring the vast expanses in space. First you need to create your own spaceship on which you will travel across the universe. Unleash your fantasy and build a ship that only you want. But be attentive to every detail, because you have to make the ship dynamic and maximally protected, because there are fights with enemy force ahead. During the battle, you will be able to see all the weak points in the design of a space ship, which you will gradually eliminate, making the most powerful ship in the entire universe. As soon as you manage to win, you will be able to pick up all the surviving parts of the enemy ship. As much as possible the necessary details you can get directly fighting with strong and powerful rivals.

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