Lair of the Clockwork God v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Lair of the Clockwork God — offers to plunge into the world of adventure. The game is great for those who really love everything unusual and exciting. In entertainment, you can notice several genres that harmoniously intersect with each other. The plot is based on two friends. Heroes must combine all their skills and use them in the game. Ahead of these two characters is a great mission to save the earth from the end of the world. Entertainment was able to combine several genres. Each of the friends relates to a certain topic and they need to use their strengths.

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Rhome v1.0 - CODEX

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Rhome is a gloomy, atmospheric first-person game in which players move into an increasingly chaotic and psychologically unnerving environment, as the very fabric of reality is falling apart around you. Take on the role of Haley Rum, an outstanding architect who returns after a long, busy day, in the hope that she will now fall into the warm embrace of her husband and discover that her husband has disappeared, and her house is ordinary at first glance, has become somehow hostile and unfamiliar place. Explore the house with Haley and try to uncover the truth about the nightmare that you so unexpectedly fell into. This game can be completed in one sitting, it is very exciting and not too long. There is a good voice acting in female voices, as well as a unique environment of the game world, which can be studied and explored.

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Car Tune Project v0.2.2 - Early Access

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Car Tune Project — is a racing game and simulator developed by Vertices Software for the PC platform. The style in the game is the opportunity to buy old cars, as a result of their restoration and return to the road. In addition to technical tuning, you can improve the visual part of the machine. You will have access to an online store with spare parts that you can buy at a good price and install them on your car. Get a car, tune at your own discretion, repair, if necessary, and race. Strive to the heights, everything you need for this can be found here. What else do you want to implement?

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Castle Torgeath Redux v1.0 - CODEX

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Castle Torgeath Redux — this game with RPG elements will send you on the most fascinating journey of your life, in the darkest corners of a strange and terrible dungeon, where huge rats and skeletons live, those who want to have dinner with you. Your main task is to move these corridors, killing enemies and thereby you will find out the most terrible secret of the castle. Castle Torgeath Redux is an action and rpg game developed by Dungeoneering Studios for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of history, and the following action, adventure, role-playing game, indie, meat, violence, demons, fantasy, bagel, humor and others can be distinguished features. You will have access to such game modes as for a single player.

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Creepy Tale v1.1.3 - DARKZER0

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Creepy Tale — the game is addictive with its plot and gameplay. The once bright forest with joyful inhabitants has become the saddest, creepiest and darkest place on Earth. all because of the strength of the audience that penetrated into it, you need to go on a trip and try to bring peace to the locals, return everything to its place and defeat evil. Examine each location up and down to collect the necessary items, and then use them to pass obstacles. Develop your skills, as opponents do not sleep and are ready to destroy you at any time.

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Death and Taxes v1.1.3 - PLAZA

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Death and Taxes is an unusual and satire-filled simulator in which you have to play the role of an employee who is responsible for who to live and who needs to die. You were hired for a difficult job, you need to make a fairly difficult choice. You receive documents and information about the person and must decide whether to live or die. Each decision has its own implications, so take your crucial business seriously.

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Super Worldbox v0.5.148

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Super Worldbox is a kind of god simulator. You can completely dispose of everything that is in this world. Create and do not hold back imagination. This is a kind of sandbox, try to observe the development of life. Populate these lands with any living creatures, wolves, humans, gnomes, and more. Then you can try to grow a powerful empire. The whole course of events depends only on you. Super Mirbox gives unprecedented opportunities. You can shed fire rain on the earth, summon giant worms, arrange bombing, do not deny yourself anything. It is possible to simulate various disasters that will fall on the heads of your wards.

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No Mans Sky Living Ship v2.31 - CODEX

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Living Ship update for No Mans Sky was released, it added fancy living spaceships to the game that can be removed from the Void eggs. Hello Games has released a new Living Ship update for the No Mans Sky sandbox, whose main feature is organic ships. The most interesting thing is that players will not only be able to fly on them, but also hatch from the Void eggs, growing up to adulthood. Become the owner of such a vessel will be able to all who pass the mission.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 05:33 to the latest version v2.31.

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Lost Brothers Update 3 - CODEX

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Lost Brothers is for a single player in the first person and adventure game for PC taking place in an abandoned mine. You have a walkie-talkie and a map. Explore mysterious forests and a labyrinth of underpasses to save the mysterious lady. A single-player first-person puzzle game that takes place in an abandoned mine. Our hero John, torn by demons from the past, goes to the forest, where his younger brother disappeared many years ago. Near the place of spending the night he finds a walkie-talkie and Samantha gets in touch with him, who fell under the rubble nearby. The girl claims that she wants to write a book about anomalies occurring in these parts. Searches for a stranger lead our hero to familiar places.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 05:29 to the latest version Update 3.

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Azur Lane Crosswave v20200221 - CODEX

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Azur Lane Crosswave is a fighting game in which anime girls armed with military weapons engage in exciting battles with enemies whose names are taken from the original ships that took place during the Second World War. The game has four game modes Story, Extreme Battle, Episode Mode and Photo Mode and promises a lot of content. Over 25 characters to choose from with over 30 NPC characters, and players can create and use various weapons that have been modified to win battles. Playing Azur Lane Crosswave is a lot of fun, especially for those who have previously watched anime and played mobile games.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:11 to the latest version v20200221.

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